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You know you are food mad when…

VipraDialogues | January 12, 2016 | 698  Views
You know you are food mad when…

1)  When you have the cheek to call for the dessert menu despite declaring yourself totally stuffed after a calorie laden meal of large burger, fries and coke.


2) When you get up only to eat and then going back to sleep, only so that you can dream some more about the food you’d love to eat.


3) When your status goes from being single to being married to burgers and pizzas instead of a real human being.


4) When you come on Instagram and Pinterest only to follow and tag yourself in every single food based blog/account.


5) When you go about asking your known and not-so-known people questions like, “Aaj khaane mein kya hai?”


6) When you carry snack bags from home to satiate your pre & post breakfast, lunch and dinner hunger.


7) When the only diet you have ever followed is the one that allows you to eat whatever you want at any given hour of the day.


8) When your priority number one in life is food and then comes the usual of family, friends, job, money and their likes.


9) When you start buying magazines like Good Food & Bon Appétit instead of Esquire & Penthouse to turn yourself on.


10)  When you get the tattoo of your favourite food on your body. You can’t get more food mad than this!



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