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Why Nick Fury is the Best HR, Ever!

VipraDialogues | June 5, 2015 | 827  Views
Why Nick Fury is the Best HR, Ever!

Watchers of the ‘Avengers’ movie franchise and American TV series ‘Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D’ or those acquainted with Marvel Universe will need no introduction to Colonel Nicholas Joseph ‘Nick’ Fury, the virtually immortal super spy who rose through the ranks at the CIA before being made the director of the ultimate espionage agency S.H.I.E.L.D. Even though he’s replaced later by Maria Hill, followed by Tony Stark, he continues to be S.H.I.E.L.D’s leading agent. In fact,he’s the only “33rd-degree” S.H.I.E.L.D officer, which, simply put, means he’s the only one who knows loads of top secrets. If these basic credentials aren’t enough to convince the reader of Fury’s position as the best HR manager ever, then s/he better read on.

First of all, Fury is what one might call the exact opposite of the quintessential HR guy – he doesn’t just know something (something which cannot be said for 99.99% of those in the HR), he’s simply an expert. He’s undergone extensive military, is highly skilled in armed as well as unarmed combat, and old age doesn’t seem to be on the horizon for him, thanks to the longevity formula. That probably explains why, while he doesn’t always save the day, he usually manages to get the bunch of superheroes that have been put on the back foot out of a feeling of despair, team up properly and save the day. Or how when all looks lost, he makes a surprise appearance literally armed with nothing but his knowledge and wisdom, ultimately changing everything for the better.


Now contrast that to the actual HR people, who have a notorious reputation for not doing anything worthwhile except clapping enthusiastically after listening to speeches, which, on a related note, has inspired many a satirist to write hilarious spoofs. One could even say that the HR is the second-worst profession there is – the first being politics, of course. If HR is filled with those who weren’t good enough to become engineers, politics is filled with those who aren’t even, umm, fit enough to be called humans. Anyway, I digress.

Watch this comic take on how HR Department usually works.

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One more reason why he’s the exact opposite of HR people – Fury seldom blames anyone but himself when something goes wrong (remember we are talking about an end-of-the-world wrong here, which might have given enough incentive for hypothetical others in Fury’s position to lay the blame on the pantheon of superheroes and myriad agents). Fury’s job is real. Unlike most HR people who are nothing more than a bureaucratic hassle with no real purpose in the company, the world will come to an end – and would have come to an end – if not for Fury. In fact, he’s a superhero in all, but name.


Fury is never around to bugger those under him. Unlike most HR people who, when not doing anything (which is pretty much what their job is all about), like to play the blame game seated atop their moral high horse. In other words, they are a constant annoyance. Of course, the same can’t be said for Fury who is seldom around to bug his agents and superheroes and only drops in when his presence is a must.


All these reasons only go to show that the eye-patch wearing Nick Fury is the best HR manager ever. You agree, don’t you?


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