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What made them think they could act?

VipraDialogues | January 10, 2016 | 735  Views
What made them think they could act?

Bollywood is a strange land. While on one hand good looks, talent and tremendous screen presence are the pre-requisites for any actor to make it to the big screen; on the other it has given chance to some really bizarre looking people to torture the audience with their atrocious acting skills and close to no talent.

Sons and daughters of exceptionally talented actors; these people have gone ahead to prove that a famous surname can get you a dream debut but your mommy dear and daddy the great can help you only so much.

Here is our list of ‘zero acting talent’ ever to grace the silver screen. Expecting them to prove their acting mettle is secondary, the primary concern of course is who gave them the crazy idea they could act?!

1) Kishan Kumar

The least said the best. He is the perfect example of no looks-no talent can still get you a movie provided you are the brother of film industry’s music baron. Ek film toh banta hai boss.


2) Mimoh Chakraborty

From being a superstar to being called the father of a wannabe actor, Mithun Chakrabarty’s good-for-nothing-son Mimoh’s debut proved to be a blot not just on his son’s career but that of his own as well.


3) Luv Sinha

Son of Shatrugan Sinha and brother of Sonakshi Sinha. Was it not a good enough identity to live with that he had to go ahead and ruin it all by adding the adjective of ‘super flop actor’ to his resume?


4) Imran Khan

The Khan with no talent at all! Bad dialogue delivery, expressionless, wooden and Amir Khan’s nephew best describes his acting repertoire. The only time he could manage to elicit any curiosity among movie goers was recently he was embroiled in a war of words with director Rahul Rawail on Twitter. Sigh, so much for being an actor.


5) Esha Deol

Last seen on Roadies (season eternity) on MTV, she is the poster girl for all those kids who are born to famous parents and have famous siblings but themselves are never able to become famous because they just do not have it in them. Looking like mommy does not guaranty luck like mommy sweetie, not in Bollywood at least.


6) Uday Chopra

If failure is the pillar to success, he probably is building his own Burj Khalifa. Each time he has appeared on screen we have screamed with horror. If suicide was a punishable crime, he should be held guilty for murdering his own acting career. Good sense prevailed and he recently announced his retirement from movies. But don’t be happy…wait till Dhoom 4 strikes at a theatre near you.


7) Sanjay Kapoor

Not every Kapoor can be a success in Bollywood. From playing the lead to being a hero’s sidekick, Sanjay Kapoor has tried hard to prove his versatility onscreen. But alas, if only audiences could bring themselves to warm up to his talent. Bas acting hai ki isse ‘aati nahi.’


8) Tusshar Kapoor

Come again…Tusshar who?


9) Abhishek Bachchan

To say the least, this son is nothing like his father! Janta ki common ‘Rai’ hai ki he must retire asap and spare us the torture of seeing him anymore on the silver screen!


10) Fardeen Khan

What made the producers of his debut movie think he could act is a mystery. But even bigger mystery is what made other producers cast him in movies? The nation wants to know!



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