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What happens when a new girl joins an office: Must Read

VipraDialogues | June 3, 2016 | 677  Views
What happens when a new girl joins an office: Must Read

Imagine the mayhem, if a beautiful, white female Papillon walks right into the midst of a kennel of bulldogs. That is akin, to what happens when a ravishingly attractive girljoins an office full of forever-frustrated,deservedly-deprived and sexually-scarred men.

It doesn’t take long for the men to shed their false pretense of decency, and turn into hungry dogs fighting tooth and nails over the new girl. They deploy every trick in the book and go out of their way, only to grab her attention. Office hierarchy, decorum and professionalism be damned; the sole aim of every alpha in the office becomes to gain a favor with the new girl and be in her good books.

Tired of fighting over her and still not being able to get any leeway, there comes a time when the dogs turn into wolves and reach a hunting-pact. The designations and ranks are forgotten, and each of them get ready to battle it out at the ground-zero.Fight-to-death ensues.

The fierce, cut-throat battle thus initiated, almost always ends in one of the three ways- first, the girl finally relents and falls for one of the men; second, she breaks all their hearts and heartlessly crushes them under her white block-heels; or third, she turns out to be differently sexually oriented.

Could there be fourth way out too? Hmm! Well, we’re sure there would be, just don’t know what yet.

How about, we take the help of the omnipresent internet? Let’s go on to YouTube, and try to find out some such office scenarios. There’s this latest video up there by Vipra Dialogues, which has a similar storyline. In fact, the makers went out to the public and asked for their views on the plot idea and the female protagonist in there, a beautiful girl named Nisha. Understandably, quite a furor ensued with people pleading and each of them asking only one question, ‘Nisha kab aa rahi hai?”.

Get set to meet Nisha, on Friday, the 3rd June’16. Meanwhile, go to this link and watch the public going head-over-heels for ‘NISHA’.


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