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Weird things that happen to you when you are in love

VipraDialogues | October 18, 2015 | 655  Views
Weird things that happen to you when you are in love

Falling in love is a great feeling. It’s the stuff dreams are made of. But going over the top with your emotions can make others nauseate and start questioning if being in love is actually that big a deal. We know love brings kooky changes in mind and body but keeping a check on your sanity levels is not at all a bad idea.

1. You can’t stop grinning. Even if your friend tells you about losing his/her favourite pet, the only expression you show is a shameless grin.


2. You become a digital Sherlock Holmes. From Facebook to Instagram, you scoop through every social media profile of your mate for any past or present information.


3. You go on a romantic book reading & movie watching marathons just to find similarities between those sweet as saccharine romantic lovers immortalised on screen and in books.


4. Your every conversation will have a mention of your partner at least a zillion times.


5. You become a typing freak. From wishing them good morning to good night, you are constantly on the phone. Sending cute messages, selfies and romantic voice notes through the day; your life is all about sharing second by second update of your every moment with your lover. Resting your thumb in this most beautiful phase of your life is for sure not an option.



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