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Ways to get over post-holiday blues

VipraDialogues | January 2, 2016 | 740  Views
Ways to get over post-holiday blues

Before you leave for a vacation, all your time is spent planning, booking, shopping and dreaming about it. You leave for the much coveted vacation and even before that happy feeling of being away from the routine has sunk in; it is already time for you to head back. Boo hoo!

Yes coming back with exciting memories of the vacation is normal but what is also common among travellers is post-vacation blues. That fight to get back to the routine, hatred for early hours, going to work, eating the same kind of food and spending time doing the same stuff; all are symptoms of post-holiday blues.

No one likes to get back to the routine, more so when the last holiday taken had been synonymous with everything awesome and exhilarating.

So, here are 5 best ways to beat post-holiday stress and make your come back as thrilling as your time-off from the humdrum of life.

1) One extra day as a recovery day

You could be jet lagged or just too shocked to accept that holidays are over. Keep one day as a buffer to help you recover from any kind of mental or physical stress incurred during the vacation. Besides that unpacking, spending time with your pet, buying grocery or getting the house back in order are as important as attending those yawn inducing meetings at work.


2) Spend the day distributing souvenirs & uploading pics

Okay so the vacation is officially over and it is time to brag about it. Spend your post-break first day at office by engaging friends and colleagues in conversations regarding your trip. For the digital fanatics, uploading trip pictures on every social medium possible is the best way to keep you occupied through the day. And once through with all this, play the off-season Santa and spend the rest of the day distributing souvenirs and gifts. Tada! You’ve had a productive day at work.


3) Walk-in late & leave early

Because you are not sure if your mind has transported itself back from the holiday along with the physical you.


4) Check mails & do some catching-up

It’s been long since your mailbox felt ignored. Time to take control of it! The art of managing ones email account is not a child’s play and requires one full-day of dedicated hard work to put it back in order. Delinquently, trash the unwanted ones and reply to those that require your immediate attention. Just how much more productive can one get in one day!?


5) Come back from one? Plan for the next!

Who said there are rules to how many number of vacations one can take in a year? The best way to beat the holiday blues is to start planning for the next one right from the moment you land back. Just click on those numerous trip planning sites and decide where you would like to visit next. When you know the next holiday is just round the corner, your routine life consisting of banal things would actually seem like a cake walk. Try it, we bet you’d love it!


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