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Virat Kohli, You’ve Got Us Worried

VipraDialogues | March 29, 2016 | 773  Views
Virat Kohli, You’ve Got Us Worried

It has been a couple of days, since India beat Australia in the virtual quarter final of the World T20 2016. Now, normally the euphoria, sweet chill and the excitement one experiences after their home team wins, lasts for a few hours, a day at max. Not this time, though; it just refuses to die down.

Why? What’s different this time? The answer is a certain gentleman, who goes by the name of Virat Kohli. The exemplary display of batting he gave, combined with his ability to read the chasing situation so well and changing gears at will, has together gone on to well justify the nickname he has been given- the God of run-chases.

Being cricket aficionados and the proud Indian that we are, the celebration still continues at our place. Behind all those happy faces though, somewhere lurks a dark cloud, a cloud of fear. Now, we aren’t really one of those apprehensive, jittery types. Trust us, we’ve got our reasons for that cloud to be there. Let us give you a few of them here, and ask for your opinion:


1) Time your leap

Imagine, someone like a Suresh Raina is fielding down at the deep square leg boundary line. The batsman pulls a short one, which is set to go flying above Raina’s head by about a foot. He can only and only catch that ball inside of the rope, if he times his leap accurately; right? That’s exactly the scenario with a team’s performance in a multi-team tournament. You have to time your peaking time to the T. The stats say that Team India has peaked already, and a little too soon at that; which is like opening all your cards too early in a cards game. The opponents know you well, and you don’t have any more cards left up your sleeve.


2) VK is not omnicompetent

Or omnipotent, for that matter. How much ever a great batsman Virat Kohli might be; he is human after all. He can and will have his off days. What do you do then, team India? What’s the name of your backup? Where are your Sharmas, Dhawans, Rainas,Rahanes, and Jadejas? Why haven’t they been able to stand up and justify their positions in the team? Complacency is what we think it is; and believe you me, nothing can be more marring.

3) Yuvi is past his prime

As cruel as it may sound and as much it hurts us writing this; the swashbuckler, the king of sixes, the Sher-e-Punjab, Yuvraj Singh is way past his prime. Agreed, he’s played some crucial, instrumental innings recently; but if you have an open mind and compare him with the man who so mercilessly hit six sixes in one over of Stuart Broad- literally reducing him to tears- you’d agree that the lion’s teeth have blunted way down.


4. Mid-life crisis

A famous cricket expert in one of his recent newspaper articles, wrote that most matches are won or lost depending on how your middle order performs. We tend to agree. Have a look at the recent individual performances by each batsman in the Indian middle order, and you’ll clearly be able to see that dark cloud above your head too.

5. Open-and-shut

How do you expect a building to stand strong and tall, if the foundation has been shaky? In the cruel game of cricket, more often than not, the performance of the opening pair seals the fate of the match. Rohit Sharma and Shikhar Dhawan, is our opening pair. Need we say more?


If team India wants to get past the hurricane called West Indies and reach the final, let alone dreaming of any chances of winning the cup; at least 3 of our batsmen- besides Kohli- need to raise their hands and be counted. Otherwise; lo hecho, hechoestá. Pack your bags, go home, while we try to clear out this b**** of a dark cloud.

Now that you have gone through our reasons; do write to us in the comment box below, and tell us your opinion. Agree? Disagree?


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