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Things you must do when you hit the big 30!

VipraDialogues | January 26, 2016 | 766  Views
Things you must do when you hit the big 30!

30 is an incredible age. While your 20s are more about self-discovery, taking risks and making mistakes; 30s are more about streamlining your life according to the lessons learnt in the first two decades of your existence. How you live your life from hereon will set the pace for the next one decade of your life, atleast. Retain that madness of a young you but also get wiser. Fall in and out of love but also learn to sustain in a relationship. Live and enjoy because you will be in your 30s only once.

1) Get comfortable with your body

Stop struggling to fit into an ideal image. Because the fact is there is no such thing as the perfect body type. Accept yourself and learn to love the skin you were born with.


2) Invest wisely

Start investing today. What you save today will compound to many times that amount by the time you retire.


3) Develop a new hobby

While everyone’s idea of time pass in their 20s is hanging out with friends, drinking and watching movies; in your 30s you need a real hobby. While your friends will get busy with building careers and a life of their own, you would need something to fall back on.


4) Make the right career move

If you wish to change your career path, now is the time. If you want to start a venture of your own, do not waste anymore time.


5) Be less judgemental

What others do and how they live their life should be none of your business anymore. Learn to focus more on your own life instead of getting critical about others.


6) Travel

It is the best time to discover the world around and beyond your reach. Once life has thrown its responsibilities at you, you will never feel free again to leave behind everything and explore.


7) Exercise more

Treat your body like a temple. It is the only thing that stays with you till the end. If you take good care of it in your heydays, it might as well serve you well in your old age.


8) Stop giving advice

Just listen. Remember not everyone or every situation needs a fix.


9) Don’t marry out of pressure

If the fear of living alone in your old age or family pressure or the fast ticking biological clock is an instigator for marriage; stop! Failed relationships are part and parcel of our growing up years so it is ok to wait till you find the right person. Till then keep repeating, ‘You are ok by yourself and you are complete!’


10) Simplify

Streamline your life. From your wardrobe to your office table to the unwanted people in your life; throw out what is not needed. Make your surroundings clutter free and life will start appearing simple.



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