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Things to expect at any Indian wedding

VipraDialogues | January 7, 2016 | 747  Views
Things to expect at any Indian wedding

The wedding season is here and our excitement has reached the level of the Empire State building.

The madness and chaos that comes attached with any wedding is a given. But if it’s the quintessential big fat Indian wedding, there is bound to be more than what meets the eye. Attending an Indian wedding might take a toll on your mental sanity but the fun and thrill you go back with is a feeling comparable to none.

The veterans know the drill but if you are a first time attendee of the big fat Indian wedding, there are certain things you need to prepare yourself with. To help you sail through the four to five days of marathon marriage functions and celebrations, we have prepared a list of things without which no Indian wedding is complete.

1) The food

Parisian delicacies? Checked. Exotic kebabs & Biryani? Checked. Italian? Checked. Any Indian wedding will spoil you silly with the amount of scrumptious variety of food it offers. There is so much food available that your eyeballs might explode.


2) The bling

At Indian weddings, bling is indeed the king! The shinier the better is the diktat tailors are forced to swear by. And gods forbid if someone walks in wearing a sober outfit, s/he is labelled snooty or arty in a blink. You don’t want to be one of them. Or do you?


Our advice: Keep a pair of sunglasses handy or else get ready to be blinded by the bling attack.

3) The relatives

No wedding is complete without them. From your close kith and kin to their close friends and family, an Indian wedding is the biggest open-for-all event you will ever attend in your lifetime. From creepy uncles to snickering aunties, you will bump into people you would have not seen in ages and of course have no intentions, whatsoever, of meeting once the wedding is over.


4) The drink-a-thon

On an average atleast two to three cartons of Teachers and Black Dog are gulped down during wedding festivities. That is more than what an average drinker would drink in his lifetime. But because it is free and you drink in the name of the holy union of your beloved pair, no one really complains. Bar or no bar, car-o-bar is on the job 24×7.


5) The insane display of money

From choosing exotic destinations to reaching the wedding venue in a helicopter, Indian weddings have crossed every limit possible when it comes to showing-off the might of the money. No wonder Indian weddings make up to 10% of India’s GDP.


Warning: If ‘less is more’ the philosophy of your life, attending an Indian wedding can be a gross attack on your sensibilities.

6) The never ending rituals

It all starts with the girl and the boy saying yes to each other. From that moment onwards everyday is treated like a celebration. From roka ceremony to engagement to mehndi to cocktail to sangeet to the main wedding day to reception…pheww. The list is exhaustive. And if that does not tire you enough, the celebrations continue even after the bride has reached her in-laws’ and there festivities take a different meaning all together.


7) The marriage proposals

Any Indian wedding is the favourite hunting ground of the aunties of the house on a lookout for their perspective son or daughter in-law. So, if you are beautiful/handsome, tall, fair, convent educated/engineer/doctor of marriageable age you are definitely going to be the hottest and the most talked about topic at the whole event. It’s your number next beautiful!


So what advice would you give to a first time attendee of the big fat Indian wedding? Do share it with us. Veed it in the comment box down below. For more such interesting stories, subscribe to our Youtube channel, Vipra Dialogues. Like our Vipra Dialogues Facebook page and follow our handle Vipra@dialogues on Twitter.


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