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Things Delhi will do to tackle odd-even formula

VipraDialogues | January 26, 2016 | 795  Views
Things Delhi will do to tackle odd-even formula

Your car’s number was never as important till Delhi government came up with an inventive idea of permitting cars to ply on the roads based on an even-odd number formula. While the suggestion has left Delhiiets flummoxed, we can only imagine the chaos Delhi roads will be witnessing January 1st onwards. Till then, to tickle the funny bone of our netizens, we have come up with ideas that can help them tackle the #OddEvenDelhiLogic that has become the hottest topic of the year.

1) Buy second car with even/odd number

The CM did not see this coming for sure. While he is trying his best to bring down the pollution in the city that has reached ‘critical’ level; but we are Delhiiets and we have jugaad for every problem under the sun.


2) Go partner hunting in the garb of car pool

All you single guys and girls, keep your eyes open for men and women with even-odd car number plates. In any other situation pick up lines might work against you and make you sound corny and desperate but not in Delhi anymore. We bet singles are dying to be asked out and so perhaps even a line as cheesy as ‘Aja meri gaadi mein beth jaa…’ can get you lucky on the oddest of days.


3) Go to work on alternate days

So if it is not your day to go zipping on the roads, you can easily call in sick. And if you are lucky enough to share the odd/even number plate with your boss, then perhaps your leaves will get approved unopposed.


4) Take credit for giving number Zero the much required status

No more debating over the status of the number ‘Zero’. The number that till now was treated as belonging to an undefined sex in the world of numeric; finally has a status defined for it. What the world could not do for centuries, we did it in a matter of barely few days. So, finally the number ‘Zero’ is an even number and that is how it shall be treated now onwards. True we are Delhiiets and we do not believe in gender discrimination 😉



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