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These songs are so bad they have become Youtube sensation

VipraDialogues | March 14, 2016 | 771  Views
These songs are so bad they have become Youtube sensation

There are songs and then there are trashy songs. The trashy category of songs is a result of nonsensical lyrics, bad music and to top it all a totally outlandish music video. These songs are so bad that they almost start sounding good. So much so that they become sensational in the digital space and soon everyone is heard talking about them. They make you go ROFL (rolling on the floor with laughter) & LOL (laugh out loud) with their absolutely meaningless and bizarre lyrics. But if played on a repeat mode they can harm your ability to think and function any further as a normal human being.

Here is our list of some of the most unbelievably ridiculous songs the world has ever witnessed since Sajid Khan’s films. If you are addicted to web virals, we dare you to not watch and further share these gems from the music industry with your fellow netizens.

Warning: Watch them at your own riskown risk

1. It’s my life by Vennu Mallesh

The singer has described the song as a heartfelt slice of pop. With lyrics as strange as ‘Friends of mine says I am a waste fellow/ He don’t know I am a waste fellow’ we wonder what really lies in his heart.

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2. Eye to eye by Taher Shah

Written, produced, directed and acted by Taher Shah, the song is best described as the death knell of Pakistan music industry. Spectrum eye or size eye, my eyes or your eyes…we want no eye to see this video.

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3. Sunday Morning Love You by Bhim Niroula

A nondescript of a man, wearing office casuals, dancing in close-up with leggy models while the background keeps changing animatedly to show Sphinx of Egypt to Times Square in New York. That pretty much sums up the video. But don’t go by our word. The video spread like wildfire when it first got released on Youtube and has already garnered close to 4 million hits. Watch this video on a ‘Sunday Morning’ and you will regret your height of idleness on a holiday.

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4. Give Me Tablet by Bhim Niroula

This one is another gem of a song by Nepali music sensation Bhim Niroula. Needless to say the lyrics are as absurd as the last one and there are no words in English vocabulary that can do justice to define what really this song is all about. Someone give me tablet for migraine please…

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5. Baby Kuchi Kuchi (Part 2) by Suraj Karki

You can’t miss this one! So lame it ends up sounding funny. Composed, sung and acted by a budding new talent from Nepal, this song reaches the height of idiocy from its very first line. You might feel compelled to click the stop button but watch it for the cute girl and the hilarious gym fight scenes between the hero and his rivals.

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Share with us your list of weird songs that have made its singers overnight Youtube stars in the comment box below. You can also write to us at contact@vipradialogues.com


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