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The Floating City

VipraDialogues | February 23, 2016 | 629  Views
The Floating City

It seems all those talks about a parallel universe might be true after all. On the 20th of this month, thousands of citizens of Foshan city, in the Guangdong district of China, apparently witnessed a huge mass of skyscrapers, floating in the sky.


Now, this might have been attributed to something like a hallucination, if it wasn’t for people in Jiangxi district, again in China, reporting a similar sighting a couple of days later. Fake or real, let’s find out.

Hello and welcome to a brand new episode of Hoax busters. I’m veeder____, and you’re watching your favourite channel, Vipra Dialogues.

Apparently, a video purporting to show the skyscrapers has gone viral over the internet. Two things arouse suspicion on the authenticity of the news, though. One, that none of those ‘thousands’ have come forth to stake claim on actually having seen the floating city; and two, if there were actually all those people who saw it, how come there is only one video of such a remarkable sighting, that too in a country like China where mobile phone penetration is amongst the highest in the world.

As it happens with any lose news; the world is rife with loads of myths and hoaxes floating around. Some call it a conspiracy, by none other than, NASA, planning to fake the second coming of Jesus (Don’t ask me to repeat that. No, I’m not.); while others- supposedly the educated, nerdy kinds- relate it to all kinds of scientific crapification.

According to Jill Coleman, an atmospheric scientist at Ball State University in Muncie, Indiana; it could be an atmospheric condition mirage as ‘Fata Morgana’. Let me try and explain the phenomena to you (and to myself, again). What happens is, sometimes the air polarity is reversed in our atmosphere; which is to say that a layer of cold-dense air settles near the ground, while a layer of warmer air floats above it. It is reverse of what happens normally. This reverse layer tends to bend the light rays, when it passes through one air mass to another; in such a way that it tricks our mind into thinking that an object to be higher above than it actually is. When asked to explain it happening with a whole set of tall skyscrapers; Coleman went on to say that since the appearance of Fata Morgana is altered by the viewer’s perspective, the further he/she is from the object, the taller and bigger it will appear.

Too much crapification; I told you.

There’s another rumour doing the rounds too; once again involving NASA. It claims NASA has a top-secret mission codenamed, Project Blue Beam. It is supposed to be an effort by the space agency to broadcast holograms of Rapture, simultaneously to all corners of the globe in support of a totalitarian takeover of Earth, by a New World Order.


Somebody please tell me, how on Earth, did someone manage to get out all these details from a supposedly top-secret mission of NASA.

Whether it was some trick from NASA, a holographic imagery test of the local government, a scientific phenomena, or an actual floating city which had crossed over from a parallel universe through a warm hole; I sincerely hope that we get one here too. I’m sure our real estate developers can do with some additional vacant plots.


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