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The Answer ‘To What Exactly Do Women Want?’ Is Finally Here

VipraDialogues | March 8, 2016 | 658  Views
The Answer ‘To What Exactly Do Women Want?’ Is Finally Here

Women by no means of imagination are coy. They are complex creatures, and it won’t be wrong to call them mystery personified. No saint, wise man, superpower or supreme force has till date been able to claim to have completely understood women. And the question of what exactly do they want is something that has baffled the greatest of men, since time immemorial.

But the fact is that women are not that great a mystery that men often make them out to be. It’s just that they operate on a different wavelength from men. Their needs, desires and wants maybe different from that of men, but deep down they are simple creature who just want to be heard, followed, valued, cared for, loved, desired, respected, romanced, humoured…

The list may be long, but it can always help you to know that the key to winning her and her heart lies in simple everyday things. We have listed out few things, which if you’d keep in mind and follow religiously will surely get you the key to understanding women better.

1) Hear them out

Women are by and large vocal creatures. They love to talk and convey their feelings in as much words. They like to listen, but more than listening it is being heard what they crave. They want to communicate things that make them who they are. From what makes them upset, to the insecurities regarding their bodies, relationships, family and career etc., they have; they want to share it all with you. They want to tell you about little things that make up their day, or even something as random as the number of times they fancied you in their head through the day.


Things they say may wary from crazy to weird to plain boring and at times immature too, but then who said men and their talks aren’t like that? They are as human as you and considering you are also not issue-free, why expect women to be any different. So, be all ears when they talk and try making them feel safe, secure and good about whatever they feel in those areas.

2) Give them enough ‘me time’

Being a woman means you are required to be on your toes 24×7. From dusk to dawn, like a superwoman you are required to be all over the place and solving problems and tacking issue like a pro. In the run-up to everyday’s activity there is hardly any time in the day when you can sit back and relax and call it as your own time.


If all you men are listening (read: reading) please take heed to this one grey area in every woman’s life, and try addressing the issue pronto. Few minutes in the day where women can just take a break and be with their own selves, can do a world of good to their mental and physical health and to your relationship as well. Allow them to pursue a hobby of their choice, or indulge in reading or walking, or just going out with a friend for coffee or spa treatment. A little time away from the mundane will reignite their energies and when they’d come back home, they’d be rejuvenated and happy to resume routine.

3) Let them make their own choices

As a child it’s the parents, when they grow up the boyfriends take the charge and post marriage, it is the husband and the in-laws who take it upon them to make choices on behalf of a woman. How much fair is that? Now come on, if she is wise enough to make the choice of marrying you and sticking on to you for the rest of her life, she is no imbecile who needs to be tutored all her life.


Women are, by DNA, the smarter gender. They mature faster than men and by no means they like being ordered around. What they want to study or the career they want to choose, the men they want to marry—they are capable enough to choose that for themselves. They do not need a control freak of a man in their life. A supportive, independent thinking and someone who just let them chose their own path, is the kind of man they’d any day be happy to grab for their life.

4) Treat them equal

Women of today detest the term ‘gender discrimination’. They do not consider them to be inferior to men, but equal. So, if you want to keep them happy, learn to treat them as your equal; neither superior nor inferior. Respect their opinions; include their say while making important decisions, and give them opportunities to talk and express. To be treated equal to men is a big deal in woman’s world, and if you want to make a smooth inroad there, you now know what to do.


5) Do not take them for granted

Women feel the need to be appreciated all the time. No matter how beautiful a woman is, if the same is not validated by her man, there is no way she is going to feel any happy about her looks, ever. As men, you need to notice little things and gestures made by her and commend her and compliment her on the same.


Pay attention to her needs, and do not shy away from complimenting her on everything she does for you. Even if the coffee that she made for you was awful or the beer that she got for you made you nauseous, you still have to thank her and appreciate her for the pains she took to do those things for you. Remember, if you’d ignore her efforts or reprimand her for every small negligence of hers, she too would think twice before doing anything for you next time; and you don’t want that kind of mess in your life.

So all you men out there, follow these simple instructions that will help you understand the women in your life better, and just enjoy your life.


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