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Sporting events those are cruel to animals

VipraDialogues | March 17, 2016 | 643  Views
Sporting events those are cruel to animals

There is nothing sporting about the sports that involve unwilling animals. They are forced to participate in these sporting events and are often left to fight for their lives either against an opponent of their ilk or in worst cases against humans. Irrespective of them winning or losing the game, these animals are left both emotionally and physically scarred for life. True, there can be nothing cruel than harming gentle and harmless animals in the name of sport.

The conditions in which animals are kept are pathetic. The participating animals are often deliberately weakened by being drugged, starved; sometimes have their horns shaved down in order to disorient them, or petroleum jelly rubbed in their eyes to blur their vision. The extent to which humans can go to harm these animals knows no boundary. What humans don’t realize is that the violent form of entertainment in which animals are used leave hundreds of animals dead, orphaned or badly injured.

While the centre recently uplifted the ban on Jallikattu, amidst much protest from animal rights activists; here is a look at some other sporting events from around the world that involve harming the animals in the name of entertainment. We hope the concerned authorities see this and take stringent steps to put a life time ban on such cruel and sadistic events involving animals.

1. Cockfighting


2. Greyhound Dog Racing


3. Hunting


4. Bullfighting



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