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Red hot chilli peppers

VipraDialogues | March 18, 2016 | 671  Views
Red hot chilli peppers

When the monkey doesn’t get bananas, he eats chilies.

African proverb.

Any foodie worth his salt, would and should get offended by this statement. But then again, why? Why should it offend you? The monkey eats chilies, only in absence of his favorite, bananas. He’s a monkey, what else did you expect?! We on the other hand, are the ones with options, and we still relish chilies, don’t we? Some of us like moderate chilies, while others (yours truly included) like their chili quotient to be sky high.

Apparently, there are over thousand varieties of known chilies, and almost each one of them has its own flavor, aroma, and latent taste. Some are way up there on the Scoville scale (that’s the recognized measure of the pungency in a chili), while still others have a somewhat sweet aftertaste. Given below is a list of the 5 hottest chilies found around the world.

1. Bhoot Jolokia


Also known as Bih Jolokia, Ghost pepper, and Naga Jolokia, these chilies originated in Assam and Nagaland region of Eastern India. They are said to be the spiciest non-hybrid variety, and not for no reason too. With a Scoville rank on 1,041,427, we’d recommend huge precaution, not only while eating but also while handling them.

2. Naga Viper


Unlike Bhoot Jolokia, the dark red colored Naga Viper is not a natural variety. It is a hybrid, made by an Englishman Gerald Flower, by using Trinidad hybrid and our very own Bhoot Jolokia. If one were to include hybrids in the race of the hottest, Naga Viper with its Scoville rank of 1,359,000, wins the battle hands down.

3. Piri Piri


Also known as ‘African Red Devil’, Piri Piri is another hot variety of chilies. Originating in Africa, and primarily grown in regions of Congo and Mozambique, its name surprisingly comes from the Portuguese language. With a Scoville scale of 1,75,000, they might not be in the ranks of Naga & Bhoot; but make no mistake, they are hot.

4. Red Savina


Red Savina was once considered to be the hottest chili in the world, in fact as late as 2006, when Bhoot Jolokia came in and took over the crown. Primarily consumed in North and Latin America, this variety is more of a rarity in other parts of the world, as its inventor, Frank Garcia has not shared the cultivation secret with anyone. With an average Scoville rank of 4,75,000, this conical beauty is definitely hot.

5. Habanero Chili


Probably one of the most commonly used hot chilies in the world, Habanero, due to its aroma, is considered the best fit for salsas and purees. Originated in Cuba, now grown in and around Cuba, Mexico, Panama and Costa Rica, Habanero is heavily consumed in Latin and North American regions. This beauty ranks an average of 2,25,000 on Scoville.

Know of any other variety that deserves a mention in the list? Do write to us in the comment box below, and we might even do a sequel to this article.


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