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Nerf Gun

VipraDialogues | December 28, 2015 | 879  Views
Nerf Gun

So, you know the internet? Big deal! Internet is so passé, dude; the next big thing is already here, knocking on your door. It’s called IoT, short for ‘Internet of Things’.

A big hello and welcome to this edition of Tech Attack. I’m veeder_____, and you’re watching your favourite channel, Vipra Dialogues.

Today, I’m gonna tell you all there is to know about IoT, and its various usages in day-to-day life. While some of these can make a huge difference in your life; others might just be a whole lot of hullabaloo, or even lethal. Yes, you heard me right; I said lethal. How, you ask? I’ll tell you in a while; but before that, let me explain IoT in a little more detail to you.

Internet of Things, as the name suggests, is when your everyday, mundane, inanimate things are fixed with computer chips, sensors and apps, so that you can then control them over the internet. Imagine pushing a few buttons on your smartphone, sitting in your office, and your washing machine at home starts doing its thing. Or, imagine calling up your music system to start playing the latest Jazz album, your home lightning to dim out to a sexy red hue, your refrigerator to chill up that bottle of bubbly, and your AC to maintain the bedroom temperature to a comfortable 20 degrees. All that you’ll need to do then is to bring that new, hot girl from the office to your place. Mood’s all set already. Sounds like The Transformers movie, nah?

Having got you all worked up, it’s time to play the spoil-sport. IoT, is not all things nice; some of its usages can be lethal too. Yes, you heard me; lethal. Apparently, scientists have developed an IoT weapon which can be controlled remotely, over internet. They call it, the ‘Nerf Gun’.


Yes, they might have gone along with the old name of the toy gun; but believe you me, it’s not funny when someone who hates you, can shoot you- even though with a foam dart- right between your eyes, sitting hundreds of miles away.

There’s a catch though. The person you wish to shoot has to be dumb and lame enough to allow the gun to sit on his desk, aimed right at him all the time, waiting for his hater to give it the ‘shoot’ command.

I’m not sure what kind of a smooth talker would be able to accomplish this feat; or what degree of a dumbass would you have to be, to allow it to be done.

Anywhichway, in case the prospect excites you and you wish to grab one, or better still, make one of your own with your own modifications; go on to this web page.

They have the entire DIY, along with the tutorial videos to make your life easy. A word of caution though; whatever modifications you do, do not, I repeat, do not replace the foam darts with live bullets. No, seriously; don’t.

And on that note…. (tring tring…veeder’s phone rings). Hello! Oh yeah, Hi! Ummm…make that medium rare, please.

Sorry, that was my home grill, asking me how I’d like my steak today.

I’ll leave you with that thought. Do veed us your comments in the box below, and don’t forget to click the Subscribe button, because next week I’ll be bringing you yet another technological breakthrough; and trust me, you DON’T want to miss that one. Till then, take care, be safe, and don’t let your electric toothbrush choke you in the morning.


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