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More than half of the World’s population still offline

VipraDialogues | March 15, 2016 | 668  Views
More than half of the World’s population still offline

The reason that you are reading this article, tells me that you are in minority. No, I’m not talking about the current hot topic of cast based reservation. What I’m referring to is the percentage of people having access to internet. According to United Nations Broadband Commission, more than half of the World’s population is still offline. That is to say, 4 billion people, or more than 57% of the total World population, do not have access to one or the other means to access the internet. What is more troubling is that the growth in the sector has been falling continuously, for three years in a row.


While the internet access in rich and developed countries is almost reaching the point of saturation, the situation is the exact opposite in the 48 countries designated as ‘Least developed’ by the UN, where around 90% of the population is without any internet access.

We asked some of the experts in the field, and according to them; besides the above two reasons, another important reason is that less than 5% of the 7100 total languages in the world are represented on the internet. There is a huge population spread around the globe, who do not even understand the basic Latin script. How do you expect them to even read the domain names? Another funny yet interesting fact that came from the report is that the number of Facebook subscribers were growing at a much faster pace, as compared to those opting for internet. Wait a minute! I hope these are not the same people. How do they intend to log on to FB, without an internet connection? Abey account kaise banaya, agar internet hi nahi tha?

Apparently, the top three countries in the list of internet usage are: China, USA and India. Although the Internet penetration percentage in India is the lowest in the list as yet, the growth percentage at 14% is amongst the highest, in fact, second only to Nigeria’s 16%. Ab pata chala raaz un saari spam mails ka, jo roz waha se yaha aati hain.


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