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It’s time to say Hello to Google Allo

VipraDialogues | September 22, 2016 | 763  Views
It’s time to say Hello to Google Allo

With the technology growing super fast, we are also in love with it. And now we are so used to it, that we cannot imagine our lives without any of them.

Guess, WhatsApp, FBMessenger, Hangout, Hike weren’t enough for chatting with our loved ones! Google has introduced another messaging app “ALLO” which definitely is a competition to every other messenger app.

It’s time to say Hello to Google Allo

Yes, it’s true that Whatsapp is ruling this world of messenger apps as it has a good user base. We all know that WhatsApp is acquired by Facebook, but, Google Allo is purely Google’s creation. They have customized Allo for Indian users and enabled smart replies for them.

It’s time to say Hello to Google Allo

“Whether it’s planning a night out or just catching up, we rely on messaging to stay in touch with friends and family every day. But too often we have to hit pause on our conversation — whether it’s to check the status of a flight or look up that new restaurant. So we created Allo, a messaging app that helps you keep your conversation going, by providing assistance when you need it.” Said, Amit Fulay, Group Product Manager.

It’s time to say Hello to Google Allo

Here are some features of Google Allo which are surely not to be missed:

  1. Smart Reply: This function uses Google’s Machine learning technology to suggest a reply to the last message!
  2. Incognito Mode: This is an optional mode which includes expiring chats, private notifications and an end to end encryption.
  3. Whisper Shout: This allows the user to adjust the size of the message.
  4. Google Assistant: yes, we have Siri and Cortana and now, we have a conversational virtual assistant
  5. Formatting text: One can easily format the text in any way he wants.

Well, we guess, this much explanation was not needed because the name itself is enough

“It’s Google”

It’s time to say Hello to Google Allo

Source: Wikipedia


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