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10 Amazing Discoveries by Indians that changed the world

VipraDialogues | January 11, 2016 | 843  Views
10 Amazing Discoveries by Indians that changed the world

It’s said that India, as a country, has been instrumental in giving some of the most essential and landmark inventions to the world, which have been critical in forging the modern world as we see it today. Up until sometime back, I considered it as one of the many hoaxes created by the domicile media. However- having done some intensive research on the subject- I’m proud to accept that I was wrong. We Indians did actually invent some really cool and ultra-important things, without which, today’s world would never have been what it is.

Hello and welcome to today’s edition of Social VeeD’s Tech Attack. I am veeder _______ and today I’m gonna tell you about some of the path-breaking inventions and discoveries that you use daily, but probably didn’t know that they were invented right here, in India. So, let’s begin:

1) Buttons

The first one on my list is Ast-Vyast-Vastra-Niyantrak-Laghu-Ghantika. Lost me? Oh come on; it took me half a day to memorize that evil-sounding Hindi word. Alright, lemme take that curiosity off of your shoulders. That longer-than-a-mile word in Hindi is our very own, humble button. Yup, the same button that you use every day, on your shirts, pants, skirts, and even on your underwear. What? You don’t know? Some people do have that too. Imagine…. Anyway, coming back to the topic; it was invented in India. Do you wanna know when? Well, that was way back in the stone-age, in Mohenjo-daro. Although during that time, it wasn’t really used for fastening, but for vanity. Style maarne ke liye. Relate to that, can you? Eh?


2) Chess

The Kings, the bishops, and the pawns. Yup, you guessed it; I’m talking about chess; our very own shatranj. Do you know it was invented way back in the 6th century, during the Gupta dynasty, as a war strategy planning game? True, that. No wonder that Vishwanathan Anand and team are making its mark at the world stage.


3) Rulers

Millimeters, centimeters, meters, inches, feet; where do you expect to find all these markings? No idea? GET IDEA. OK, that was cheeky; especially because I promoted a brand without even having them sponsoring us. Edit that out please. Anyhow, you’d find all these all on a ruler, dude; where else. It’s like saying mine is longer than yours, because I have a foot ruler. OK, edit that out too, please; that was super-cheeky. Coming back, ruler, it was invented in India too, much before 1500 BC, during Indus Valley civilization.


4) Shampoo

Around 1762, the official masseurs of Nawab of Bengal used to use a certain specially formulated liquid for massaging their head and hair. They use to call it ‘Champo’. Over the years, that very ‘champo’ has been mixed with soap formulation and came to be known as ‘Shampoo’. Hard to believe, believe me. That’s another one of the many gifts to the world, from India with love.


5) Cotton

During 5th and 4th century BC, in the Indus valley civilization, when the ancient Greeks were still wearing animal skins to cover their bodies, Indians were busy cultivating cotton. The world soon spread far and wide of the benefits of the fabric so obtained, and everybody started ordering it through Snapdeal. OK, the last bit was crap; but you already guessed it, right? You’re smart. 😉


6) Cards game

Yet another great invention, which has its roots in India. It was during ancient times in the houses of Kings and royals, that the game of Kreeda-patram was played. The difference was that instead of cards of today, they used pictures painted on cotton cloth.


7) Cataract surgery

It was around 6th century BC, when Sushruta, the great Indian doctor/surgeon invented and mastered the cataract surgery. Greek scientists used to visit India, to get the surgery done and also to learn the trade. The knowledge then went east, to China, from where it spread worldwide.


8) Water on the Moon

It was India’s very own Chandrayaan, which made the startling discovery recently that our Moon is not all dry landmass. So, the next time you go there for the weekend, at least you won’t have to worry about drinking water. Last heard, Pepsi and Coke were planning to setup their bottling plants there.


9) Wireless communication

We all know that Marconi was awarded a Nobel Prize in Physics in 1909, for his contribution to radio/wireless communication. What you probably didn’t know is that, Sir J.C. Bose made a public demonstration of using radio waves for communication in the year 1895, two years prior to that of Marconi. It took the authorities more than a century to give the due credit to Sir J.C. Bose, of course posthumously.


10) Plastic surgery

Doctors and surgeons in the ancient Indus Valley civilization were definitely far ahead of their time. Would you believe me if I tell you, that even during times as early as 2000 BC, they performed Plastic Surgeries in India.


How many of these did you know? How many more do you know? Do click the ‘Subscribe’ button and drop me a line in the comments box below. For more such amazing, funny and whacky videos, do log on to our website www.vipradialogues.com


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