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India Still Might Play The Final Against England

VipraDialogues | April 1, 2016 | 709  Views
India Still Might Play The Final Against England

If sources in the BCCI are to be believed, India still might have an outside chance to play the final of the World T20 World Cup, against England on Sunday.


It so happens that the political bigwigs and the corporate giants present during the India vs West Indies match yesterday, were really heartbroken and decided to take the matter in their own hands, when Team India failed. All the top present and past officials of BCCI had a long, secret meeting last night, with the corporate leaders, including the Ambanis, and decided to approach ICC to complain against the heavy dew which kind of played the spoilsport. They are pushing the ICC to implement the Duckworth Lewis rule, and declare the winner according the run rate of the two teams till the 12th over or so; or at least have an India WI rematch. Now, if the ICC agrees and if that were to happen, India might still have a backdoor entry into the finals, to play England on Sunday.

Given the hugely influential political clout, besides the massive monetary benefits that the ICC gets from the BCCI, it’s very much likely that it bends down to the demands and implements the D/L method. It is learned that the force behind planning this whole coup were the WAGs, ably led by one Mrs. Ambani.


As the news spread, the atmosphere and mood in the Indian camp is ecstatic, while that in the West Indies camp has gone down from sky high to down into the gutters. It is learned that Chris Gayle has already declared his retirement, along with his buddies DJ Bravo and the present captain, Darren Sammy. Apparently, Ian Bishop has expressed his interest in joining back in place of Bravo, while the spot of Gayle is being claimed by none other than Sir Vivian Richards.


The England camp is, however, the one with the most interesting stand on the issue. Their captain, Eoin Morgan has since addressed a press conference, saying that given the present financial condition of their country, they were not willing to play India in the final, as it would be next to impossible for them to pay the dreaded ‘teen-gunaa-lagaan’.


We couldn’t but help and bow down to the world tradition of playing pranks on people on the first day of the month of April, and this article was our humble effort in doing so. (The teen gunaa lagaan gave us away though, right?) April fool banaya, to unko gussa aaya…

Anyway, enjoy your life, enjoy the England vs WI final on Sunday, and remember… it’s all about loving your game.


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