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If these hollywood classics were translated in regional languages

VipraDialogues | January 13, 2016 | 754  Views
If these hollywood classics were translated in regional languages

In Hollywood lies the inspiration for Bollywood. From their plots to sets to characters, we have copied not only their style of movie making but also their stories. But it’s payback time!

So, we thought why not take their classics and add an interesting dimension to them by way of translation. It will open up a box of treasure for filmi buffs that are linguistically challenged. These handpicked titles have never been translated in Hindi or any other regional language so a lot of people in the country have remained unaware of their beauty. Mind you, our translation is a service to those in Hollywood who have not been able to penetrate the single screen or small town movie goers market.

Here is our list of English classics, which sound hilarious and absurdly funny when translated in Hindi, Punjabi, Marathi and Bhojpuri. Read on and take your pick…

Warning: These title translations may crack you up but there is nothing ‘phunny’ about the plot of these movies.

1) Gone with the wind -‘Hawa ke saath gaya’ (hindi)

Hawa naal ud gaya (Punjabi)

Golaas Udat(Marathi)

Hawa Mein Ud Gail (Bhojpuri)


2) Grapes of Wrath –’Gusse Waale Angoor’

Gusse naal tidakte angoor (Punjabi)

Kolhala Draksh Aabant (Marathi)

Gussail Angoor (Bhojpuri)


3) The Night of Hunter – ‘ Shikaari ki Raat’

Shikari Di Raat (Punjabi)

Raatri Cha Shikari (Marathi)

Shikaari Ki Ratiya (Bhojpuri)


4) Mr. Smith Goes to Washington – ‘Sharma Ji Chalein Washington’

Sharma Ji Tur Paye Washington Nu (Punjabi)

Sharma Nighala Washington Nia (Marathi)

Oo Chala Sharma Washington (Bhojpuri)


5) Rebel Without A Cause – ‘Bin Baat Ka Baaghi’

Be Gaal Da Baaghi (Punjabi)

Bin Karan Nustach Rada (Marathi)

Bina Kauno Baat Bana Baaghi (Bhojpuri)


6) Rear Window – ‘Peeche Waali Khidaki’

Peeche Aali Khidaki (Punjabi)

Paathi Maagchi Kidaki (Marathi)

Peechwaade Mein Khidaki (Bhojpuri)


7) Jaws – ‘Muh Ki Haddi Jismein Sab Daant Jaade Rehtein Hai’

Jabada (Punjabi)

Jabadath Haath Mojale Daant (Marathi)

Maachali Ka Jabda


8) Snow White And The Seven Dwarfs – ‘Ek Khoobsurat Laadki Aur Saat Baune’

Soni Kudi Te Saat Boone ( Punjabi)

Himalyaat Saat Butake (Marathi)

Ek Dhoodh Jaisan Ujaal Ladki Aur Saath Baune (Bhojpuri)


9) Trouble In Paradise – ‘Jannat Mein Dehshat’

Swarg Vich Musibataan (Punjabi)

Swargrtal Dukh (Marathi)

Musibaat Waali Jannat (Bhojpuri)


10) Who’s Afraid Of Virginia Woolf – ‘Kaun Darta Hai Virginia ki Bhed Se?’

Virginia Te Behdiye Te Kaun Dardaan? (Punjabi)

Virginia Woolla Ghabarhtaaye Kond? (Marathi)

Kaun Darat Hai Virginia Ke Bhedwa Se? (Bhojpuri)


You have any interesting translations? Do leave in the comments section below or write to us at social@vipradialogues.com


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