If Maggi is banned forever…

Maggi is not just a snack for hunger pangs. It is the highlight of every reunion or chai-sutta session, a quick fix for every exam night, a smile for all school kids. We have grown-up with Maggi culture. But the present conundrum is tightening its noose around Maggi. According to a report Maggi contains high level of MSG and Lead which is harmful to people and should be banned. The ban surely will impact our life’s badly and this is how.

1) The chai-sutta break/ reunions will never be same.


2) Students won’t be able to flaunt their lunchbox with Maggi.


3) All the picnics and camping will be incomplete without Maggi.


4) Maggi for last minute hunger pangs.


5) Solution to hunger with empty pockets won’t be cheap anymore.


6) Trying to impress someone special won’t be just a 2-minute job.


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The Last Maggi is a spoof on movie Tanu weds Manu where the reason for confrontation is Maggi.

We all have grown up with the Maggi culture and it’s smothering to see it banned.

Created By Himanshu Shekhar Cast Sarah Jaggi, Sumit Sharma & Shreyaskar Gaur Assistant Director Akanksha Bisht Production Controller Manpreet Kaur Production Manager Varsha Shukla Edited by Ashish Maccune DOP Vinay Tyagi Written & Directed by Annkush Bhatia


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