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Ideas for singles to get mingling on Valentine’s Day

VipraDialogues | February 12, 2016 | 789  Views
Ideas for singles to get mingling on Valentine’s Day

February is the month of love, flowingin the air;and just like you, we can feel it too. For the couples in love, February 14th is a big day. With dinner dates, surprise movie outings, and out of town soirees et al; there are just those few little things left that lovers do together to mark the importance of this day in their lives. They make every effort in the book, to make this day exciting for their ‘special someone’.

But what about those, who still haven’t found the right one? We know that every year you dismiss the day as just a marketing gimmick by corporate, trying to sell much in love couples ideas to rekindle their love life; but deep down you too wish that someone out there was waiting for you with his/her arms open only to cuddle you and pamper you to no end.

So, enough of that binge eating and drowning in sorrow moments. Here are some weird yet fun ideas that has all you singletons covered. Perhaps they will instantly elevate your status from being ‘single’ to ‘in a relationship’. So go forth and revel!

1) Throw an all singles party

What better way to forget your single status,than by inviting other miserable singles like you to party? And maybe who knows, you might get lucky and find your cure to singlehood in someone from the crowd itself.


2) Send out ‘I Love You’ messages to unknown numbers

Just because no one is sending you those lovey-dovey messages,don’t mean you can’t do the same. Just send a random ‘I Love You’ message to unknown people, and see what reactions you get in return. This could lead to a beginning of a new conversation with someone special.


3) Go speed dating

In the era of Tinder, you don’t have to work really hard to find yourself some love (or the lack of it). Just register yourself on one of the speed dating apps and viola, you’ll find your match in a swipe. And to keep yourself out of the way of creeps, don’t forget to mention in your profile that you are not looking for much, just an immediate potential spouse and a way to procreate.


4) Club hopping in an ‘all singles bar’

Paint the town red, pink and all the other shades of love,by going club hopping to an all-singles bar. You’ll find many like you hanging out there, some nursing a heartbreak while others scouting for their target. Who knows, you might get approached too. So, let the the curtain of inhibition down and go have some well-deserved fun!


5) Ask Siri ‘How to find a date on Valentine’s Day?’

When everything fails, Siri will surely come to your rescue. Well, atleast that’s what Apple has got us believing.



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