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5 Unbelievably Beautiful Holiday destinations Near Delhi

VipraDialogues | April 15, 2016 | 616  Views
5 Unbelievably Beautiful Holiday destinations Near Delhi

I’ve always found it ironic and sadist on the part of the decision makers, to keep the financial year ending so close to the summer vacations.

Hardly a fortnight ago you were being stirred, whisked, and violently shaken, trying to juggle the finances and manage the investments just so you could save some of those back-breaking taxes. Today, the wife and the kids have started with their annual routine of throwing hints of a suitable vacation destination. Cruel, right? And then they say, it’s a man’s world!? No, it’s a let’s-torture-the-man-to-death world. I’ve had enough. I refuse to take it lying down. I’ve decided to get up and fight the tyranny; and I shall enter this fight for each and every one of our poor, oppressed kind, the men-kind.

Trying to find some way to have a vacation with the family, while not ending up marauding mywallet to death, I came across some of the most amazing holiday destinations around Delhi NCR. They are listed below for you to choose from. As I said, it’s my fight for mine…

1. BAROG(hill station)

Beautiful Holiday Destinations Near Delhi BAROG

What is it that a city dweller desires the most? Peace, right? That’s exactly this place has to offer. Peace, calm, serene, nature…enough said.

Fast facts

Distance from Delhi: 300 KMs

Route: Delhi-Ambala-Kalka-Barog.

Nearest Railhead: Chandigarh 60 KMs.

2. LANSDOWNE(hill station)

Beautiful Holiday Destinations Near Delhi LANSDOWNE

Named after its founder, Lord Lansdowne, this place was once a popular summer destination among the British. Later, it became place of major for the freedom fighters from the Garhwal region. Today, it is home to the famous Garhwal Rifles regiment of the Indian Army, which has its Command Office here. Lacking the hustle bustle, usually associated with a hill station, Lansdowne, with its blue Oak and Pine trees, is an ideal place for those looking for a quiet vacation.

Fast facts

Distance from Delhi: 240 KMs

Route: Delhi-Meerut-Mawana-Bijnor-Najibabad-Dugadda-Lansdowne

Nearest Railhead: Kotdwar, 45 KMs

3. SARISKA (wildlife)

Beautiful Holiday Destinations Near Delhi SARISKA

If you are one of those wildlife enthusiasts, you just can’t not go to Sariska. Famous for its Sariska Tiger Reserve, the place also boasts of its rich flora and fauna, temples, and lakes. This getaway is a paradise for you, if you are a lover of nature, a wildlife aficionado, or an aspiring photographer.

Fast facts

Distance from Delhi: 201 KMs

Route: Delhi-Sariska, midway between Delhi and Jaipur.

4. SHEKHAWATI REGION (forts & palaces)

Beautiful Holiday Destinations Near Delhi SHEKHAWATI REGION

I’ve managed to find this heaven-on-Earth, for all you lovers of old world, heritage forts and palaces. It’s not one destination but a whole region, surrounded by not one but 10 places worth visiting: Jhunjhunu, Lachhmangarh Fort, Dundlod, Nawalgarh, Pilani, Chirawa, Surajgarh, Kajara, Alsisar, and Malsisar.

Fast facts

Distance from Delhi: 250 KMs

Route: Delhi-Daruhera-Rewari-Narnaul-Chirawa-Shekhawati

5. SHOGHI (hill station/adventure)

Beautiful Holiday Destinations Near Delhi SHOGHI

Another one of those lesser-known places, where once can just go and lose themselves in the midst of nature. Surrounded by dense Pine, Oak, and Rhododendron forests, you will be disappointed if you are accustomed to the luxuries of 5 star hotels, because what you’ll find here are Swiss tents and camps,although they are Swiss, completewith attached bathroom running hot & cold water.

Fast facts

Distance from Delhi: 320 KMs

Route: Delhi-Sonepat-Karnal-Panchkula-Kalka-Solan-Kandaghat

So, these were the five gems I found for you. What are you waiting for now? Sit together with your family and decide your next holiday destination.

Do write to us, in case you know of any other mention-worthy destination near NCR. Got comments/ question/ feedback? There’s a comment box below. See it? 😉


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