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Fiat Abarth Punto Evo

VipraDialogues | December 22, 2015 | 927  Views
Fiat Abarth Punto Evo

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India is probably one of the hottest markets for any car manufacturer today. No wonder then that new models are being introduced every month, by the dozens. Every once in a while, amongst all these cars being launched in all shapes, sizes and models, there comes a car which stands out. One look at it and you know that you’re not looking at a sheep of the herd. What you have standing in front of you is a leader, a trend-setter, a lion.

Fiat Abarth Punto Evo, is one such lion. Everything about it- right from the looks to the engine specs- says that it refuses to be tied down in any category.


Alright, if you must, you can bracket it into the Premium Hatchback category; but trust me when I say, it stands out, leads the rest by miles.

So let’s start with its exterior.

The overall design has stayed in line with the earlier models, Palio GTX and Punto. Having said that, what’s also true is that the crystal paintjob, accentuated by the orange decals on the sides gives Abarth an identity, a personality and an aura of its own. What also helps the cause is the red and yellow scorpion logo, instead of the usual Fiat logo. Add to it, the bright red coloured streak on the grill and the side-view mirrors done in the same colour, the specially designed 16 inch wheels with the diamond cut wheel-caps, and you have a real aggressive, mean looking machine at your hands.

Let’s go inside now, and have a sneak-peak. The entire upholstery and the seat covers have been tastefully done in black and dark-grey. What stands out is the red and yellow coloured thick stitching along the sides of the seats, claiming unison with the Abarth logo on the steering wheel.


Pop the hood and you’ll have a pleasant surprise waiting for you. Borrowing from Linea T-jet, Abarth’s engine is a 4 cylinder, twin-cam, 1.4 litre. However, in order to make the things more interesting, Turbo has been slapped on to the 1386cc motor. What that means is that Abarth has more horses, hiding under the hood- a whole 145 of them- giving you a 211Nm of pulling power. That’s definitely some improvement over the Linea T-jet.

A 0-100 kmph sprint is only going to take 9.4 seconds, making it literally the first premium hatchback to breach the 10 second barrier.

With the looks-to-die-for, a mean engine underneath, a fuel efficiency of 12 kmpl, a maximum speed of around 180, and ABS and EBD being standard; there should be no doubt in anyone’s mind that Fiat is all set to launch one of their best winners so far, in October.

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