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15 Interesting facts about Mark Zuckerberg !

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15 Interesting facts about Mark Zuckerberg !
Do you know who has the most followers on Google+? No, it’s not SRK, or Big-B, or the POTUS, andit’s certainly not that blonde-rump-head Trump. Why, it’s not even one of the two founders of Google, Larry Page or Sergey Brin. The crown of the most followed person on Google+ goes to thefounder of its rival, Facebook. Yes, Mark Zuckerberg got this iconic honor in July 2011. Facepalm, Google!
mark zuckerberg
Mark Zuckerberg has recently turned 32 and in order to commemorate the occasion (yeah, we’re a few days late. But the man’s far more interesting than we thought), We’ve compiled a list of fun, interesting facts about the man, and his responses to them. You might have heard or read about some of them already, while the others will definitely zap you. So, read on:
mark zukerberg
1. He suffers from Deuteranopia; which means, he cannot see or differentiate between Red and Green colors. The color he can see the most easily is Blue; and that’s the reason why Facebook is all-blue. In Mark Zuckerberg’s own words, “Blue is the richest color for me. I can see all of blue”.
Mark Zuckerberg Grey t-shirt
2. He hates to waste time in dressing up, and that’s why he wears the same Grey colored Facebook T-shirt every day to work. “I’m too busy to waste time every morning, on deciding what to wear”, was his reply when queried on his monotonous attire.
3. Till as late as 2012, MZ didn’t even own a television set. “It’s the perfect tool to turn a man-of-brain into an idiot. It was too much of a risk”, was his quirky explanation.
Mark Zuckerberg Sisters
4. We all will agree to two facts: One, he has a perfect set of 32; and two that he is uber-intelligent. What else do you expect from someone who was raised by a Dentist father and a Psychiatrist mother. Surprisingly, we haven’t heard much of his three sisters, Randi, Donna and Arielle.
mark zuckerberg
5. A lot can happen in a restroom queue. That’s exactly where Mark Zuckerberg met his wife, Priscilla Chan, and the two instantly fell in love. Priscilla was one of the first to join Facebook, the very next day after its inception.
6. Luckily for Mark Zuckerberg, Priscilla spoke fluent English, which was not the case with her family who only spoke Mandarin. Such was his dedication that he learnt to speak and write the language, just so he could easily communicate with them.
mark 6 languages
7. Besides English, Mark Zuckerberg can read and write French, Latin, Greek, Hebrew, and Mandarin. That’s more than enough for him to be labeled a Polyglot. We wonder, if Hindi is next in line for him.
mark zuckerberg wedding ring
8. The wedding ring Mark Zuckerberg presented to his wife was designed by him, and costed him $25000. It had a big red Ruby in the center, flanked on the two sides with clear diamonds.
mark zuckerberg
9. Beast, MZ’s Hungarian sheepdog has got a Facebook account of his own, and have got more than 2 million fans. How many friends did you say you have, again?
mark zuckerberg
10. You Cannot block MZ on Facebook. Don’t trust us? Click here and try for yourself:
http://www.facebook.com/zuck Our two cents; don’t.
11. MZ became the youngest billionaire ever, in the year 2008. He was only 28. By that age roughly, Jobs had just launched Macintosh computer, while Gates was still readying the first retail version of Windows.
12. MZ had created his very first computer network at the age of 13, for his father’s clinic. Apparently MZ got irritated, whenever he saw his father’s receptionist yelling out to inform him of new patients, and made the network called Zucknet, so that she could pass on the message easily.
13. Realizing his interest in computers, his parents hired a tutor to work with the young MZ. The tutor came back a few days later and admitted that it was getting increasingly difficult for him to stay ahead of his pupil. “He is a prodigy”, he said before walking out of the door.
mark zuckerberg
14. MZ supports numerous philanthropic cause, like donating $100 million to the Newark Public School systems of New Jersey, $25 million to fight the Ebola epidemic in Western Africa, and recently having signed the ‘Giving Pledge’ commitment, promising to donate at least 50% of his wealth over the course of his lifetime.
mark zuckerberg
15. His annual salary at Facebook is $1. Yet, he is the sixth richest person in the world, with a net worth of $44.6 billion, according to Forbes Global Rich list 2016. If only we knew the secret…. Bonus: Type @[4:0] in Facebook comment and hit Enter, and see what happens. Go on, try it; it’s safe.


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