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Crazy Inventions : some weird, some preternatural

VipraDialogues | February 23, 2016 | 782  Views
Crazy Inventions : some weird, some preternatural

What’s the first thing that comes to your mind when you hear the word Inventions? Probably spear or fire or the wheel may be. That is so yesteryear, man. You wanna know what’s the latest in revolutionizing inventions; a mobile phone app, which tells you when it’s time to pee. Brilliant, isn’t it? Kya zamana aa gaya hai. Kab mootna hai, ab ye bhi mobile batayega.

So, here are some crazy, whacky, weird, zany, and some so senseless inventions which might start making sense after some time. The catchword, though, still being ‘might’

1. Ear enhancers


Still planning to buy that mini hearing aid for your granny? That is so passé, dude. Forget it. Go for this ultra-cool, super-bling ear enhancer instead. Hearing ki hearing; Fashion ka fashion. Imagine her walking around, wearing this shiny, eye-catching accessory over her ear; zapaataa ho jayega, by God.

2. Watermelon stroller

Every child needs to be taken out on a walk/ stroll every day. It helps create that special bond. Now, we all know that already, don’t we? What we didn’t know- probably because we were never told- isthat our vegetables and fruits should be taken for a stroll too. If it weren’t for those Japs, shayad humei kabhi pata bhi nahi chalta. Arigato Japani bhaiyo. By the way, that was Thank You in Japanese. Look at this


This stroller comes with a temperature controlled chamber, so that you can have your melon as chilled as you wish. In case you feel like having a hot chicken, just put it in the chamber, set the temperature to Hot and walk it around for a mile or two. Ghoomo, khao, fir ghoomo. Some life this, no?

3. Coffin with built-in speakers and a 4G connection

If there’s one time when you need some calming music the most, it’s definitely after you die. Don’t believe me? Mar ke dekh lo, pata chal jayega. 😛


The ‘Scientists’ have developed a new coffin, which has built-in speakers, along with a 4G, ‘lifetime’ Cataplay’s connection to Spotify, an online music portal. The connection enables the living relatives to update and change the music, which the dead can hear and even watch, on the 7 inch LCD screen in-built inside the coffin.

Now, that’s what I call a ‘Luxurious death’.

4. Electromagnetic Harvester

A student of The University of Arts, Bremen, Germany, has developed a kind of electromagnetic leech that can charge a battery from the surplus power of other electronic appliances and sources.


Waise isme kaun si nayi baat hai? Apne India mei to log ye saalo se karte aa rahe hain. Taanka lagane mei to hum log experts hain. 57% of electricity theft doesn’t happen by chance, does it now?

Anyway, giving the devil his due; this guy has invented a leech which can do it remotely. All you have to do is to carry this device, as close to the source as you can; and it will charge the cells by using the surplus power from it. Win-win situation this, no?

Germans are not so different from us Indians then, are they? Hail Leeches! 😉

5. Flatulence deodorizer

Now, this is something which is sure to be a bestseller in our country. By God, itna fart karte hai kuchh log yaha par, ki saans lena mushkil ho jata hai. Worst is, when they do it so shamelessly in a public transport like Metro.


Finally, comes a discrete product that one only needs to wear over their underwear; and you can fart your way to glory. Kisi ko pata nahi chalega. All you need to ensure is that it’s a silent one. After all, it’s a deodorizer, not a silencer. Smell to ye daba dega, awaaz ka kya karoge babu?

6. Fundies- Underwear for two

It seldom happens that I’m at a loss of words. With this invention here, that’s exactly what I am. No words coming; no words needed. Picture dekho, samajh jaoge. Samajh jao, to please mujhe bhi samjha dena ki iska karna kya hai.


7. Child Mop

Child labour has been banned in our country for centuries now. It seems, apparently, it’s still prevalent in some places. Why else, would you even dream of having something like this?


Matlab, agar 500sqft ka ghar hai, to buy one mop set, put it on your child and set it free to crawl around. Bachcha bhi ghoom lega, aur ghar bhi saaf ho jayega. If, in case, your house is bigger, you’ll have to buy another mop and apparently make another child. 😛 Child labour. I abhor it.


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