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Coolest Parodies of Famous Brand Taglines

VipraDialogues | March 11, 2016 | 641  Views
Coolest Parodies of Famous Brand Taglines

Companies spend millions of bucks trying to establish a niche for themselves in the market place and come up with cool ideas that will stick in the minds of the consumers. And a tagline plays a significant role in that process. Some brands have had the same taglines forever; some change it every season while others have never ever bothered to have any.

There’s no universal agreement on the role of a tagline in establishing a brand. But having one has its own pros. It helps articulate the value of a brand and add character to it. There have been cases in the past where a brand’s tagline has been used to convey something, but once the product comes into the market the reaction of the consumers to the product/brand tends to differ.

We have taken few such brand taglines, twisted them into something insanely hilarious and created a series of parodies that attempt to show what people actually think of these brands.

1. Kingfisher


2. Ford- Go no further


3. L’Oreal Paris


4. Disneyland


5. McDonald’s


6. Subway


7. Nike


8. BMW


9. Burger King


10. LinkedIn



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