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Charlie Chaplin- Chauhan

VipraDialogues | February 13, 2016 | 795  Views
Charlie Chaplin- Chauhan

It seems, our country is on the brink of a major import(or is it patenting? Hmm!), probably the biggest so far.

If our very own Antar-RashtriyaSahayogParishad and Indian Council of Cultural Research (ICCR) have their way, three of the biggest names in the world of Art, Film, and Music will soon be proved to be of Indian lineage.

We’re talking about Pablo Picasso, the legendary Spanish painter; Charles Spenser Chaplin, a.k.a. Charlie Chaplin, the iconic English actor and Filmmaker; and Elvis Presley, the American actor and the uncrowned king of Rock and Roll.

It seems the two organizations are holding a seminar in the national capital, where the topic of discussion will be the lineage of the three legends, with the sole aim being trying to prove them belonging to the Roma community, which is said to be descendants of ancient groups like Dom, Sansi, Chauhan, Sikligar, Dhangar, Banjara, and other nomadic, primarily blacksmith Indian groups from the northwest.

Apparently, the Roma is a 20 million strong community, spread across 30 countries of West Asia, Europe, America and Australia.

This news pumped our imagination with gallons of NOS. Here are a few of the gems:



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