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Bosses Who Make Your Life Miserable

VipraDialogues | March 23, 2016 | 625  Views
Bosses Who Make Your Life Miserable

We all have had that one cringe worthy bosses who made your life a hell-fire. They made you work on weekends, stole away your credits, your food, your promotion or even your girl. They are the reason why you want to quit your job so desperately and say “I quit you suck!”But shit happens and you get stuck with a bad boss. If you are also one of those bechara boss ka maara than here are some of the horrible cringe worthy bosses. Is your soul-crusher here?


If Ramsay is the nightmare for all the kitchens then this boss is the nightmare of every workplace. Curse words are his best friend and consider screaming on colleges is more efficient than any feedback.



If there is anything that hampers the productivity of the company then that is the right feedback and the appreciation. But you’ll always find a boss in a workplace who is allergic to appreciation. Even if you reach for the stars, like literally. This person is gonna dampen your will-power and undermine your skills to ground zero.



This is the acrid game of workplace that every boss loves to play. If you are not one of the pawns in his game than certainly you are going to be their best escape goat.



The paranoid boss is the Louis Litt of a workplace who is outright suspicious of everyone’s motives. Anything anyone does is like an attempt to undermine him.



A tyrant boss is just like a devil in Prada. S/he is controlling and abuses his power. They find great thrill in turning a workplace into a battlefield. Once they sense your weak spot, they don’t take a minute to pounce on it. No employee stands a chance in front of them.


Unfortunately, you’ll cross paths with bad bosses in workplace. But, every cloud has a silver lining. If you see them from a different perspective, you might just learn something valuable from him or her.


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