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Apples iCar

VipraDialogues | December 22, 2015 | 887  Views
Apples iCar

iMac, iPod, iPhone, iPad, iWatch; the list seems to be growing by the minute. Just when we thought Apple Inc. has exhausted its quota of inventions for some time, they came up with yet another announcement, and this time they might just have outdone themselves. Apparently, Apple has decided to enter into an entirely virgin territory of…wait for it…wait for it…Cars. You heard it; cars.


Come 2019 and Apple will be all set to unveil, its very own electric car, which in all the probability, be called iCar. Of course! A strong 600-person team has been put together, to work on the project which has been codenamed as ‘Titan’. Experts, like Volkswagen’s Megan McClain, and a yet-unnamed Senior Manager from Tesla Motors, have already been roped in to lead with the innovation and implementation.

A strong gossip going around the knowledge circle for some time now is that iCar will be built as an autonomous, driver-less car. However, if the indications hold any value, it might just be a gossip. It seems, the initial Apple car will not be a self-driving autonomous type, although they have roped in experts in driverless car technology like Ms McClain, and building a successful self-driving car is definitely one of their long-term goals. One can’t help but feel that if anyone is to be blamed for this late decision of not going for an autonomous car, it is another tech giant ‘Google’. They came up with their version of a driver-less electric car last year, and apparently it has already been involved in an accident, where the passengers were physically hurt, besides two other alleged incidences of breakdown.


Aur bhai India jaisi jagah mei to ye driver-less car bilkul nahi chalne wali. Jaane Kab, kaha se, kaun khufiya bike par ayega aur gadi ko thok dega. Saath mei Maa, behan ki gaaliya dega, wo alag.Our verdict, like everything with Apple, the iCar will definitely also be one of the hottest releases in 2019; that is if they manage to meet this tough and seemingly impossible deadline. Good luck, Apple!


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