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An Open Letter To Aamir Khan

VipraDialogues | November 24, 2015 | 617  Views
An Open Letter To Aamir Khan

Dear Aamir,

So, you and your wife are contemplating leaving this country because of the growing sense of intolerance in the country. Seriously!

Well, a statement like this coming from you is a tad too disappointing. Remember, had it not been for the tolerance of the citizens of this country, you would not have been the star that you are today; despite you bombarding people with total mindless duds like Tum Mere Ho; Mela; Mangal Pandey: The Rising; Raakh; Daulat Ki Jung; Aatank Hi Aatank; Dhoom 3 (ok, it was a blockbuster but God save the souls of those who actually saw it); and many more whose names I can’t even recall. Not because I don’t know how to Google them but because I don’t really want to waste this space by mentioning the unimportant.


When people like you make such statements against the country they call home it really does send out wrong message in the outside world. Your timing and the place of making a statement as bold as “For the first time she (wife) said should we move out of India?” seems a bit odd because Dangaal is still a few months away and from what I understand no new season of Satyamev Jayate is in the making either. Seriously, your words smack more of a well-rehearsed script written by a group of pseudo intellectuals than of concern for the safety of your loved ones.

What your wife says to you in the privacy of your house is not something for us to know. She might be saying a million other things also to you on a daily basis. So, do you go out and share those things with people on a public platform? Of course not! If a journalist dares to ask you intimate questions pertaining to your private life, the standard reply you’d perhaps give is, “That’s too personal for me to answer in a public space.” Then why go out on a public platform and rant about what your wife really thinks about the current state of the country? We don’t want you to pass judgements about the country basis what your wife thinks. Infact, who really cares about what she thinks?

You are a movie star and not a politician. We like you for the movies you do and would want you to stick to your craft of movie making rather than give sermons on which direction the country is headed. Yes, thanks for giving us Satyamev Jayate but what you are doing now is in complete antithesis to the essence of the show you seemed rather proud of. So who is the real you? The one who went on T.V. and urged citizens to stay positive and fight against the evil practices or the one who has now fallen prey to the pseudo intellectual mindset and like a loose cannon is firing mindless statements against the very nation that has remained tolerant to every act of yours? From ‘Incredible India’ to ‘Intolerant India’ and from ‘Narmada Bachao’ to now ‘Desh Bachao’; you rather are a case of a fickle minded grown up who can’t seem to wrap his mind around one concrete idea on what his country actually means to him.

For an actor of your stature, your focus should be on binding the citizens together and refrain from caustic remarks which can lead to some kind of unrest. Besides isn’t it ironic that this nation whom you otherwise think is narrow-minded and bigoted is giving you the freedom to make a statement as intolerant as the aforementioned on a public platform without it taking any action against you? Who’s the intolerant one here Mr. Khan? The nation that will continue to love you and respect you for who you are despite you voicing such prejudiced opinions against it or you Mr. Khan who does not have the vision to see that whatever is happening in the country right now is a politically fuelled agenda and will die a silent death soon?

Had it not been for the tolerant people of this country, the eight to nine figure collections your movies earn at the box office would still have been a distant dream for you. Thanks to these people, you now have the money and the power to buy yourself luxury villas and relocate in whichever part of the globe you wish to. But then what is the guaranty that you will not feel insecure there? The current state of the world shows that no place on earth is safe enough for humans to live without fearing for the safety of their loved ones. So, if not here, where then?

Mr. Khan, the people of this country, your fans, has always stood by you like a rock all through your years of struggle and success. So, if not for anything else, at least for the love of the people who hold you in high esteem, stop making comments that can actually hurt their sentiments. Learn to love and respect the nation that has given you so much love and freedom to express yourself in whatever way you’d like. Learn to be slightly tolerant and like everything bad, this phase shall pass too.


Just another ordinary citizen


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