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A Big Step For Small

VipraDialogues | March 28, 2016 | 700  Views
A Big Step For Small

Yes, it’s a confusing heading for an article. We, however, will not stake credit for the same as this is the tagline used by Apple Inc. on their dedicated webpage for the newly launched iPhone SE.


Now, why would any logical person in the right frame of mind, take a BIG step for a SMALL thing? He would either take a small step for a small thing, or a big step for a big thing; or in the remote case of the luck and fortune all lined up in his favor, he would take a SMALL step for a BIG thing. But then again, it’s Apple Inc. we are talking about. They love thinking out of the box, or in this case, thinking out of the whole carton of logic.

Apple Inc. on Tuesday, at their ‘Let Us Loop You In’ conference held in Cupertino, California, unveiled their latest offering to the tech-crazy world. The iPhone SE. It was an interesting move in many ways.

First, launching a new iPhone in the middle of their usual ‘iPhone Update’ cycle, seems like a desperate effort to boost up their quarter year sales, which for the first time in the history has dropped.

Secondly, why introduce a phone that has absolutely nothing new to offer? As far as the innards is concerned, the SE is the same as the 6S, and if it’s the outer look and feel that they are talking about, then it’s only a step back, if anything. The founder of Apple Inc., the late Steve Jobs once famously said that the best size for a mobile phone is 3.5 inches, and it was this philosophy that the company followed for years. It was only last year, when they decided to hear the outcry of their loyalists, and came out with iPhone 6 and iPhone 6S. Prior to this, they had come up with iPhone 5C (which is their biggest flop till date), quickly followed by iPhone 5S. The new iPhone SE, besides having the technical specifications of the 6S, has got the look, feel, and the form factor of the 5S; for this one too sports a screen size of…wait for it… 4 inch. Step back, right? Told you so.


Third reason why we say it’s an ‘interesting’ launch is the pricing. Now, Apple has proudly introduced the new SE, as their cheapest offering. The price for the 16GB model starts at $399 in the US, which roughly works out to INR 27,000/-. The same handset is launched at a price of INR 39,000/- for the customers in India. This variable pricing structure doesn’t surprise us though, as they had also launched their iPhone 6 and 6S models at around INR 14,000/- to 16,000/- more in India. That they had to soon launch buy-back schemes and a series of price drops, is another topic of discussion. So, don’t be surprised if they soon launch similar initiatives for the new iPhone SE too.

What we fail to fathom is that why such a learned man like Mr. Tim Cook, along with his battalion of top MBAs, fail to understand such a huge international market like India, and introduce their products accordingly. Didn’t you, Mr. Cook, recently say that India is one of Apple’s key growth areas for the next decade? And then you go ahead and give us THIS, a 6S stuffed into a 5S body?


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