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7 Types of Bosses. Identify & Tackle- A Cheat Sheet

VipraDialogues | April 22, 2016 | 577  Views
7 Types of Bosses. Identify & Tackle- A Cheat Sheet

They say, ‘It’s better to be in a bad job under a good boss then being in a good job under a bad boss’. The question is though, how to recognize a good boss? What’s the differentiator? What are the characteristics of a bad boss? How do they behave? What do they say? Questions, questions, questions… If only you had a cheat-sheet of sorts, right? Lo and behold! Here it is:

The Bureaucrat

The Bureaucrat

Favorite regalia: Untucked, half-sleeved checked shirt in summers, white dress shirt with a worn-out, over-sized formal coat in winters.

Characteristics: A sucker for rules and regulations, everything needs to be well documented, clocks in at 10, clocks out at 6…come what may. Always plays according the book, whether it had worked or not in the past being of no consequence.

Pros: Absolutely predictable, hence can be easily manipulated. You just need to learn his timetable and stick to it.

Cons: Move the cheese an inch, and this mouse will be totally clueless.

Beware: He can and will squash and quash your creativity to death.

The Hero

The Hero

Favorite regalia: Casual Friday, even on a Monday.

Characteristics: Easy go lucky, knowledgeable, talented, approachable, competent yet friendly.

Pros: Of the ancient belief that an organization is only as successful as its employees.

Cons: You might end up being too spoiled to work anywhere else.

Beware: Same as the Con. Don’t make them a habit, for they are a rare breed.

The Intruder

The Intruder

Favorite regalia: Crisp office shirt, always with a neck-tie in contrasting color. Black formal shoes, more often than not, an Oxford.

Characteristics: Forever on your case, he suffers from a lack of faith in his employees. He’ll give you an important task, but keep a tight watch on your every move, every minute of the day- sometimes even the night- till the time it’s completed. Pointing out each and every small mistake and slip in his employees is what brightens his day.

Pros: Take his criticism constructively, and you might go on to become 100% error-free prototype.

Cons: 99% of his employees are susceptible to develop a lack of self-belief overtime, and an inferiority complex.

Beware: Just beware. Keep doing your job, and most of all, keep him informed at all times.

The Know-it-all

The Know it all

Favorite regalia: Always clad in crisp formals. A pair cufflink is an absolute essential though.

Characteristics: He’d have been a gem, if only he actually knew-it-all. He doesn’t know a damn, but that never stops him from pretending he does, to the worldand to himself. They live with the belief that only and only they are born with the ability to carry out a task without any glitches; anyone else will definitely screw it all up.

Pros: You, the employee, will not have much to do, except for bearing the incessant criticism.

Cons: He, in all the probability, end up lethally hampering the organization’s growth. What he fails to understand is that no company can prosper on a single man’s shoulders.

Beware: Look for another job, before he blames you for being unproductive and boots you.

The Liar-liar

The Liar-liar

Favorite regalia: Just about anything, and we mean it…anything really.

Characteristics: They will always be found either making all sorts of promises they have no intention of living up to, or boasting of their contacts with any and every important person in the country, if not the world. Do not fall for any of them, because just like their promises of a raise, a promotion, or a fancy corner office, their so-called contacts are equally false. He might know every VIP, it’s just that none of them knows him.

Pros: Not much, except you might learn how to lie on people’s faces, all while keeping a straight, poker face.

Cons: Everything about a boss of this kind falls under the ‘Con’ category. He is a nothing but a Con.

Beware: Grab your stuff and get out, before you end up becoming like him.

The Mysterious

The Mysterious

Favorite regalia: Once again, anything, although, they usually prefer smart casuals.

Characteristics: You will forever be looking at his closed cabin door, hoping for him to come out and talk to the staff. He won’t. All through the day- provided he’s there in the office that long- he’ll be locked inside with his pack of trusted few, plotting world domination for you know. You- the children of the lesser God- will only get to hear a diktat through one of that pack that presumably bears his seal or stamp, and you will only have to accept it as the word from high above.

Pros: Since you are never a part of the decision making, you can almost always escape from being blamed when things go wrong, which they almost always will.

Cons: You will be reduced to but a worker ant, whose job will only be to carry out the orders. Forget about strategy making, policy underlying or any such fancy roles, just carry out the damn orders. His favorite quote is, ‘If I ever want your opinion, I’ll give it to you’.

Beware: Either be happy with being a worker-ant, or log on to that job site, now.

The Hoarder

he Hoarder

Favorite regalia: He is the one you’ll always find dressed in the best of attires. Never a mismatch, not a crease out of place.

Characteristics: He boasts of having the most experienced and the most sought-after people in his team. He is the one responsible for having devised the term attrition, as he is forever ready to pick out people from the rivals, even if he has to pay double the amount. That he doesn’t have a clue what to do with those employees later and how to utilize their potential, is entirely different topic of discussion.

Pros: You are forever in reckoning, if you aren’t already on his payroll.

Cons: You will forever be spoiled for the job market, in terms of the payroll.

Beware: Be very clear of your job role, your KRAs, and your deliverables before even thinking of joining them.


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