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6 unwritten rules of social media

VipraDialogues | March 5, 2016 | 718  Views
6 unwritten rules of social media

Social media has taken up our world by storm. We are so obsessed with it that we are okay with living a happier and more interesting life (read a make believe life) on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Vine, Snapchat, Whatsapp and hundreds of their clones than in real. Our morning alarms are no more the chirping sound of the birds outside the window but the sound of ping form the phone. And what follows then is a series of pings (the irritating good morning and happy Monday, Tuesday… messages you receive on group chats), which forces us to wake up and reach out straight to the phone even before we have opened our eyes.

Well such are the times we are living in that if within few seconds of us changing our profile picture on Whatsapp and Facebook doesn’t get us a favourable response, we feel the world has deleted us from its memory and we are no more useful to it.

However much we would want to deny, but the social media is here to rule us like no other and we are more than happy to play slaves to it. But like everything else, the alternate virtual universe that we have created for ourselves have certain rules that are mandatory to follow if we wish to continue living on it, happily.

We have got you covered a list of 6 unwritten rules of social media following which will make your life a breeze on social media and win you more followers. After all you need that kind of validation to make yourself feel loved and wanted. So what if it’s only virtually!

Rule #1

Always like your friend’s picture on Instagram or FB or any other medium if they are in your vicinity. Scrolling past it in their presence might lead you to face heir wrath, virtually, and they might end up unfriending you from their friends list. Now that’s something you would always want to avoid. So, in the name of Holy Spirit and Mr. Zuckerburg go ahead and hit that like button!


Rule #2

If the world knows you are a couple, never make the mistake of posting a single picture of yours on any of your social media accounts. It will not take a second for the gossip mill to set abuzz and you don’t want to spend the rest of your free time explain to every Tom, Dick and Harry that you replaced your earlier cute couple pic with this one because you thought you were looking hot in it. Remember, you can’t make your own rules here!


Rule #3

If you are posting a group photo, you have to tag your friends in it. Hey, you can’t make your friends feel like an anonymous piece of crap hanging out with you while the world praises you for the clothes you wore or the food that you eat. They are your friends and colleagues, so the onus of introducing them to others lies on you. Afterall, even your friends have a right to a name and identification in your small universe of social media.


Rule #4

If someone wishes you ‘happy birthday’ on your wall, you’ve got to write back a ‘thanks’ to them. Even if they are your neighbour’s uncle’s, sister’s, friend’s sister. If they are doing what FB is asking them to do (read: its XYZ’s birthday. Wish them and help them make this day special), do as your conscious will expect you to do. Be generous and thank them because you want no haters coming on your virtual planet. Or do you?


Rule #5

There lies a big difference between typing a novel long emotional, sentimental or politically motivated status on your wall and who you actually are in real life. Always remember there are a lot of people in your friends list who know the real you and just how much crap you are made of. Besides, you can’t be Mother Teresa online and Miley Cyrus offline. So, stop playing those tricks and be someone that you are not. Your one status is not going to change the way the world thinks so please for god’s sake cut that crap right away ‘coz no one’s reading it anyway!


Rule #6

You can’t be putting up a picture of you and your friend where you are looking like a million bucks and he or she looks like they have been run over by a truck. You can’t make the world calling you hot or beautiful just because you are standing next to an uglier person. That’s not how the virtual world works. Use filters and thousands of other apps to make everyone in your circle look equally beautiful. At least in the world of social media that’s the way the cookie crumbles.



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