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6 different styles of French Fries that you’ve just got to eat!

VipraDialogues | March 5, 2016 | 696  Views
6 different styles of French Fries that you’ve just got to eat!

The ultimate comfort food equals a good serving of hot and crispy French Fries!

We all know French Fries as the humble golden crispy fried sticks of potatoes served as a side kick to the might burger. But did you know that the world over there are so many different ways in which French Fries are prepared that they almost end up having a section dedicated solely to it in the menu card.

We have got you listed 6 different ways in which French Fries are prepared across the globe. It will not only transform the way you look at them but also leave you asking for more.

1) Belgium

You’ll be surprised to know that it is not France but Belgium where the world’s favourite snack originated from. The Belgians love their fries and their national dish is Mussels & Fries. The Frietkot stands are found in every nook and corner of the country selling crispy fries in a paper cone with great dollops of freshly prepared mayo to go on the top. Yummmmm!


2) Canada

Poutine is what French Fries are called in Canada. It is preparation of crispy fries served with a combination of cheese curd, fried bacon strips and brown gravy. The combo may sound weird to some but then there is nothing that works more for Canadians than their bowl of sizzling hot Poutine.


3) United Kingdom

A nation that has Fish and Chips as its national dish, how can it not love fries? The fries…err…chips are thicker and longer as compared to the normal fries and it is traditional to serve them piping hot with salt and malt vinegar.


4) Romania

Romanians love spicy food and so the fries in this part of the world are accompanied by a spicy preparation of Mujdei. Though not specifically designed as a sauce for French Fries, but Romanians love to dip their fries in this hot paste made from minced garlic, oil, salt and vinegar. Runny or thick, you can customize Mujdei as per your liking.


5) Bulgaria

The combo of fries and cheese makes for an ideal comfort snack in Bulgaria. Fries here are accompanied by a serving of got melted sirine cheese, which is a tangy brine cheese similar to feta, and a sprinkling of spices. A must try this one is!


6) The Netherlands

Dutch people are as passionate about French Fries as their neighbours in Belgium and can be seen enjoying their humble serving of fries quite often. Their Joppiesaus variety of fries is famous all over Holland, which consists of a mayonnaise type sauce flavoured with onion and curry served on a mountain of hot and crispy fries. Simply divine!



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