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5 times Dicaprio proved, he is the King of Cool

VipraDialogues | February 13, 2016 | 797  Views
5 times Dicaprio proved, he is the King of Cool

Are you the kinds who every time Titanic inches towards the climax, secretly wish that for once it is Rose and not Jack who freezes to death and drown? Then you are a true Leonardo Dicaprio fan!

In a career spanning 25 years, he has portrayed some really gutsy, challenging and memorable characters on screen. He has come a long way since his stint as a teen heartthrob in Growing Painsonly to emerge as one of the finest actors of his generation. A slew of gorgeous models as ex-girlfriends? Sure. A reputation as a philanthropist? Checked. A fine actor? Without doubt. An A-list Hollywood celebrity? You bet. He’s got it all. But when it comes to Oscars, he’s always run his luck out. So will he get lucky the sixth time?

That the Oscars have evaded him five times in the past is a truth universally despised and loathed. So much so that the last time when he lost to Matthew McConaughey his fans took to social media asking the Academy to present him with an Oscar just for his looks.

While he has nailed it yet again with his performance in ‘The Revenant’, which required him to eat raw bison liver and sleep in animal car casses, his road to Oscar is paved! And like us, his fans world over are already rejoicing.

Here is a look at some of his finest performances, on-screen—the roles we think would have already earned him an Oscar everytime he got nominated:

1) What’s Eating Gilbert Grape

He was still in his teens when he won his first ever Oscar nomination for playing a mentally disabled little brother to Johnny Depp. Alas, the budding talent lost it in the best supporting actor category to The Fugitive’s Tommy Lee Jones but did leave an indelible impression on Hollywood that night. His career just took off thereon.


2) The Wolf of Wall Street

His hyperactive portrayal of a fraudulent and corrupt stockbroker, Jordan Belfort, made him the darling of the masses. There was something endearing about the way Leo enacted the role of a morally and ethically dishonest businessman. Everyone was rooting for him till a certain Mr. McConaughey came along and swept the Academy off its feet with an equally deserving performance in Dallas Buyers Club.


3) Inception

The brain-bending drama about stealing people’s dreams was appreciated more for its special effects than acting. Shame.


4) The Aviator

The movie won a staggering 11 nominations at the Oscars and went on to win five of them. But sadly, none of them went to Leo. His turn as the unforgettable and eccentric filmmaker and aviation pioneer Howard Huges was much appreciated and Leo nailed this one by getting into the skin of the character and incorporating his own OCD tendencies to add authenticity to the role. Seriously, what was the Academy thinking!


5) The Departed

This 2006 Boston-set crime drama had Leo in an august company of A-listers like Jack Nicholson, Matt Damon, Vera Framing and Martin Scorsese. Although it was only Matt Damon from the lot who won an acting nomination, Leo’s performance won him accolades from both the fans and the critics.



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