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5 interview mistakes that can cost you an offer letter

VipraDialogues | March 4, 2016 | 602  Views
5 interview mistakes that can cost you an offer letter

Ok, so you are on a look out for a better career opportunity. You have the qualification and the skills required to be among the most desirable candidates any organization would want to hire. Your confidence is unshakeable and your charming personality has enabled you to breeze through most difficult of situations. Yet there is something missing in you that off-late have made companies overlook your talent and not offer you a job. What is it?

Unknowingly most of you make mistakes during our interviews that make companies wary of hiring you. You might think of yourself as the best choice for them and that there can be no more suitable candidate for them, but companies tend to think otherwise. So, what are those mistakes that you are make as a result of which you are facing rejection after rejection? Take a look:

1) A job-hopping personality

In today’s world, being an opportunist is not a bad thing to be. But a person who sees every offer made to him/her as a stepping stone to a bigger one might not come across as a reliable source to most of the companies. When companies hire professionals, stability is one major factor that they asses a candidate on. And someone who has jumped jobs often at the start of the career is someone they would want to avoid because there is no guarantee that person would stick with them for a longer duration.


2) Small salary hikes

With the job hopping obviously comes a jump in salary. But those who switch jobs that often do not usually get a definitive hike in their salary. Let’s say it would usually be not more than 10-15%. Meager huh! The impression that you send out to potential employers is that for a mere 10% jump you can ditch them anytime and might as well join the competitor. And a candidate who cannot be trusted is someone companies usually steer clear from.

So, if you are looking for a more stable career, learn to stick to a quality job and with that a better salary hike and a desired increment is a given.


3) Ambition to be the boss one day

It’s good to be ambitious but sharing your ambitions to be your own boss in a job interview is not that good an idea. Employers might see you as a potential threat and might not hire you for the fear of you superseding them. Whatever ambitions and ideas you have of starting your own company must be shared only with those whom you trust else there is a slim chance any company would hire you to provide you training and exposure at the cost of their own brand value.


4) Lack of career plans or vision

Companies don’t hire in haste. They always want to hire people with a solid vision and long-term goals. HR professionals are smart enough to sieve the dull from the bright and the impression you make on them in the very first meeting can make or break your rapport with them. So, the next time when you go for an interview rehearse in advance about what you see yourself doing in future and what goals and ambitions you have for yourself and for the company in case you get hired by them.


5) Trying too hard to sell yourself

It’s a common trait among candidates to try and impress the interviewee’s panel by sharing with them every drop of knowledge they have regarding the company. But stop! Knowing what to say when and how much is a sign of a smart professional and the knowledge of practicing that restraint at the right time is what the HR usually gauges a potential employee on. Being curious is one thing but being an over-zealous person at the time of interview can make you come across as an arrogant and rigid person and someone who only likes to talk and not listen—a trait no potential employer would like to take risk with.



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