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36 weeks pregnant & rocking 6 pack abs!

VipraDialogues | March 5, 2016 | 784  Views
36 weeks pregnant & rocking 6 pack abs!

Chontel Duncan, a social media sensation, fitness freak and a model is setting new pregnancy goals. At 36 weeks pregnant she is looking fit as a fiddle. Her perfectly toned abs, which she is diligently flaunting on her various social media accounts, is giving women worldwide something to sit up and take notice of. And there is no way you can make out she is actually way too far into her pregnancy!

The Ex Miss Australia 2009 finalist and a soon-to-be-mum is documenting her pregnancy journey and fitness routine to inspire women around the globe to stay fit and healthy and not use their pregnancy as an excuse to get slack and pile on the unwanted weight. Though her fitness obsession has raised an alarm among a community of naysayers who have slammed her promotion of heavy duty exercising during the delicate phase of pregnancy as ‘unhealthy’; you can’t help but admire her courage and determination.


But despite all the hard work and gymming, she is feeling like no superwoman and admits to be going through the same side-effects as any pregnant woman at her stage would. “Boy do I feel pregnant, this tummy is massive, heavy, makes sitting up so difficult, rolling over in bed a funny task, trying my sneakers hard work & my back has its moments where it throbs,” she wrote on Instagram.


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