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10 Signs You Are A Mama’s Boy

VipraDialogues | March 10, 2016 | 742  Views
10 Signs You Are A Mama’s Boy

Even though you outgrew your elementary school pants years ago, your world still revolves around your mum. There is no one on the face of the earth that understands you the way she does. Every now and then you two get into an argument but boy you can’t keep angry with her for long.

If you identify with these signs and more chances are you sure a mama’s boy.

1. You call her 10 times in a day


2. From the colour of the shirt to the number of breaths you should take, you seek her advice on every damn thing; ‘coz you know your mom got all the answers


3. You are striving to make her proud every living second of your life


4. If anyone says something nasty about her, you are ready to beat the living day lights out of that person


5. Even if you dine at a Michelin Star restaurant, you still believe there is no better cook in this world than your ‘dear mama’


6. When she’s your #1 priority, even over and above your girlfriend


7. You often update your Facebook with ‘I have the best mom in the world’ or ‘Mom I love you’ messages and tag each one of your friends on the list


8. You still don’t have the balls to stand up to her


9. You are always thinking of ways to surprise her


10. You leave the choice of finding your soul mate to her because if your mama doesn’t like her there are very little chances of you also warming up to her



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