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10 mind blowing facts about North Korea

VipraDialogues | July 16, 2016 | 756  Views
10 mind blowing facts about North Korea

If there’s one place on Earth that has been an enigma since its formation, it is North Korea. Alienated from the rest of the world, any news that manages to sneak out of the nation is speculative at best.

10 mind blowing facts about North Korea

There have been all sorts of stories floating around, about North Korea and its president Kim Jong-un. While some of them might still be true, others are stranger than fiction. But then again, don’t they say that truth is stranger than fiction? Does that mean that there is truth behind all those stories?

We’ve compiled 10 of the most strange-sounding of them here. Read them and be your own judge.

10 mind blowing facts about North Korea

1. While it’s 2016 for the whole world; for the people of North Korea, the year is 105. The year-count is done after the birth of Kim ll Sung, the current president’s late father and the founder of the country.

2. The governance in North Korea is called Necrocracy; which is the name given to a government which continues to operate under the rule of a former, dead leader.

3. In 2012, North Korean archaeologists announced that they have found a 2000 years old lair of a Unicorn being ridden by the legendary king Tungmyung.

4. The entire population of North Korea is divided into 51 ‘Social Classes’, starting of course, at the top from its Loyalty.

10 mind blowing facts about North Korea

5. There are only 28 government approved haircuts that the citizens are ‘free’ to choose from for themselves; 18 for women and 10 for men.

10 mind blowing facts about North Korea

6. Effectively, there is no internet connection for commoners in North Korea, except for some 5000 government approved websites available on an internal network called Kwangmyong.

7. The country has its own Computer operating system, called Red Star OS.

8. Kim Jong-un killed his own uncle in 2013, by having him thrown in front of 120 starving dogs, naked. Every member of his government was made to view the barbaric act live that happened in the centre of an arena.

9. Every home and office in North Korea has a radio set tuned to only one government-owned frequency. They cannot turn it off at any time.

10. Elections are held after every five years in North Korea. The ballet papers however, list only one candidate for each post.


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