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Top 10 Ways For Women To Be Safe

VipraDialogues | July 11, 2016 | 692  Views
Top 10 Ways For Women To Be Safe



The advocacy of women’s rights on the ground of equality of the sexes.

The person who believes and advocates the above is known as a Feminist. However clichéd the term has been recently made out to be, I’m proud to be a part of the feminist fraternity.

Top 10 Ways For Women To Be Safe

Now, I can’t even dare to imagine that any woman in any part of the world, ever needs to prepare herself to defend against a potential male attacker; but the sad fact of the matter is that it is imperative at times. The nature has played the ugliest game of favoritism, when it decided to make the femalesphysically weaker than their male counterparts. Had it been fair and given equal physical strength to the two sexes, the world would have been a much better place. On second thought…cut out the last sentence. The world would have been worse; for then, the battle between the sexes would have been open, blatant, naked, and granted. Thank God, it’s not so…yet.

Besides all the talks of feminism, the fact remains that female of the species in today’s world is not safe; the domicile and the age be damned.

When you can’t have the best, it’s not a bad idea to settle for the second best; be safe. Before I get to it though and tell you how, let me say it once for the record; women are never ever, ever at fault for being attacked or molested or raped. There are however, ways to ensure that you don’t end up being a victim. That’s exactly what we’ll discuss in this article; how can women ensure their safety in this unfortunately-patriarchal world.

Top 10 Ways For Women To Be Safe

1. Always…I repeat, always be aware of your surroundings. Remember, awareness is your first line of defense, for it comes into play much longer before you’d need that much coveted kick-to-the-groin. Be aware of yourself, your physical surroundings, and any possible line of attack someone could use.

Top 10 Ways For Women To Be Safe

2. Use the smartphone, smartly. 99 out of 100 women you ask, would not have any emergency-help app button on their phone’s home-screen. 96 out of them would not have emergency contact numbers saved as shortcuts. Funnily, 90 of them would not even have a flashlight on their phones. Smart generation? I don’t think so. Always put up your ICE (In Case of Emergency) number, right at the top of the lock screen; it’s a universal code.

Top 10 Ways For Women To Be Safe

3. Self-defense aids are invented for a reason. Tasers, Pepper-spray, or even a pack of Chili powder; whatever you feel comfortable carrying in your bag, carry it. What you need to ensure though is that when it comes to real-life situation, you don’t end up fumbling all around the purse to find where you’d keep it. Keep it handy and ready to use in an instant.

4. Limit your distraction. Ask yourself, do you really, really have to answer that Whatsapp message, right at that moment? It can wait, right? If your focus is on your message or mail, there is little chance that you’d notice anything or anyone out of place.

5. Make eye contact. If you enter the lonely parking lot in the night or even a lonely stretch of road and find someone standing there for no reason, look directly in their eyes. This will let them know that you have seen them and can identify later, if need be.

Top 10 Ways For Women To Be Safe

6. Know the anatomy well, even if you hated the subject in school. Eyes, nose, throat, groin, and shin are the most tender parts in a human body. If it comes to that and physical force is the only solution out, do not shy away from hitting him in one of these spots. The chances are that if you harden your blow and your heart, doesn’t matter if he is twice your size, he will coil down. Use that time to run…and I mean RUN.

7. Draw attention. If you find yourself in a dangerous situation, do anything and everything you can to draw the attention of people. Shout at the top of your voice. Pick up a stone and throw it at the nearest house’s window, or even a car’s for that matter. Your attacker will realize the gravity of the situation and run away.

8. Never ever open the door of your house when you’re alone. Even if it’s your next-door neighbor, tell them that you were about to go to sleep or bath or whatever, but do not invite them inside. For a stranger, never ever, ever, ever open the door.

9. If you’re alone and have to leave the mall late in the night, it might be a good idea to approach the help desk and ask them to assign a security guard to walk you to your car. Ask the guard to wait, till you get inside the car and drive away.

10. Women, use your sixth sense. You have a gift from God, use it. Humans, especially women, have a very strong and well-developed sixth sense or the gut instinct, which is more right than wrong. But few chose to listen to it. If you have a faint feeling deep inside that something or someone is not right, it probably is. Listen to that voice inside of you, and you’ll be safe.


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