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Top 10 Haunted Places In India

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Top 10 Haunted Places In India
A person who gets scared at the drop of a hat. Even a small, sudden sound is enough to make them crap in their pants.
Disclaimer: If you think that you belong to the category of ‘Fattus’, howmuchever remotely it might be, DO NOT even think about visiting any of the places mentioned in the list below. On the other hand, if you are one of those who love to explore the unexplored, know the unknown, and fact the fiction; then we welcome you to go ahead and break-open the box of Pandora.
It’s natural for the human mind, to be fascinated by the mysteries of the unknown; and India as a country, provides ample and more fodder to keep feeding the inquisitives in us. What else do you expect in a country that boasts of having had innumerable Kings and rulers with their palaces, wars, fortunes, and treasures?Buried deep inside all their stories,there are also some which always end with an interrogative mark. Today, we’re going to take you on a journey of the unknown, and tell you the stories behind some of the believed-to-be-haunted places in India. To believe them or not, will entirely be your prerogative. A word of caution; stop right here, if you have a weak heart.
We’d, however, still suggest you to read on. You never know, one of these haunted places might be near you.
1. Tunnels of Kalka-Shimla Railway line
Tunnels of Kalka-Shimla Railway line
The British started the work on the line in 1903, and today this 110-year engineering marvel is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. The narrow gauge train, going at a leisurely speed of 25 KMPH, turns and twists, and passes through 103 tunnels, taking around 5-6 hours to complete the 96 KMs long journey, from Kalka to Shimla. Although there are a few stories related to these tunnels, most of them turned out to be hoax, except two of them. The first of those stories is about the Tunnel no. 33, which is the longest of the whole lot. A certain Colonel Barog was assigned the job to build this tunnel, by the British. In order to save time and labor, he decided to start digging from both ends of the mountain. It so happened that his calculations were wrong, and the two sides failed to meet each other. Due to this blunder, he was humiliated by the government and was fined Rs 1/-, which was a big amount at that time, for a constructor. Apparently, Col. Barog couldn’t take it and committed suicide by shooting himself inside the failed tunnel. Today, although the failed tunnel is closed and a new one been constructed next to it, locals still report of seeing Col. Barog roaming around at times, along with his dog.Another story of the Railway line is about the last tunnel on the way to Shimla, the tunnel no. 103. Locals, as well as some of the tourists report of having been approached by a British gentleman who would just chat with them. There are also other stories of a lady in a black saree, roaming inside the tunnel carrying a malnourished child with her. Whether it’s the cold eerie feel one experiences inside the damp tunnel, or Col. Barog still roams around the area is anyone’s guess.
2. GP Block, Meerut
GP Block, Meerut
Not many are aware about this house in the GP block of Meerut. Abandoned for a long time, the locals claim to having seen four men sitting inside the house on the floorin a circle, having beer. While it may just sound like some guys having a good time, what makes it interesting is the fact that there’s always a candle burning right in the center and that they all are wearing the same clothes every time. Some also claim to having seen a young girl coming out of the house, always wearing the same red dress.
3. Dumas beach, Surat- Gujarat
Dumas beach, Surat- Gujarat
Along the coast of the Arabian sea in Surat, lies a small beach covered with black sand and boasting of innumerous stories of strange whispers and disappearing visitors. Many a people are said to having lost their lives, trying to explore the mysteries of the beach. Some of the locals are of the belief that the beach was used as a Hindu burial ground in the long past, and the spirits of the dead still haunt the place. Today, there stands a do-not-cross line that people only dare to cross during the day. At night, the place is as deserted as a graveyard.
4. Bhangarh Fort, Alwar, Rajasthan
Bhangarh Fort, Alwar, Rajasthan
If there is a place that is acknowledged even by the government as being haunted, it is the Bhangarh fort in Ajabgarh area of Alwar in Rajasthan. According to the legend, there used to be a magician who fell in love with the princess. Upon being turned down by her, the magician decided to cast a spell on her, in order to make her fall in love with him. The princess, somehow came to know of his evil plan and got him killed. However, he cast a spell on the fort before dying that caused its doom. Till date, visiting the place after sunset is considered to be a taboo by the people, to the extent that the authorities have officially banned it and made the fort off-limits for anyone.
5. Fernhill hotel, Ooty
Fernhill hotel, Ooty
Once, a popular hotel, Fernhill in Ooty is now shut down after repeated complaints of haunting events. One of the last complaints was by the popular dance director of India, master Saroj who, along with her crew had checked-in to the hotel late at night. They were to shoot a dance sequence for the movie ‘Raaz’, early morning the next day. They were kept awake by the sounds of someone pushing and arranging the furniture in the rooms above, and tried calling up the reception to complain. Upon finding the phone dead, they went downstairs to the reception. The receptionist after listening to them, escorted them outside and pointed upwards to show that there was no floor above. The entire story was told by the actress of the film, Bipasha Basu.
6. House no. W-3, G.K.-1, New Delhi
House no. W-3, G.K.-1, New Delhi
Situated bang opposite the police station, this beautiful house in the posh locality of Greater Kailash is today in a dilapidated state. After many a residents staying nearby complained of having heard strange sounds coming out of the house, the authorities started a thorough investigation. What came out of those investigation sounds like something straight out of a horror flick. Apparently, the owners of the house were an elderly couple, and were killed by a Yoga teacher who eyed their property. Police had recovered the decomposed bodies of the couple, from the underground water tank of the house. Neighbors today claim to often hear sobs and screams like sounds coming from the house. Some even go on to claim to having seen shadows of the couple roaming inside.
7. Dow Hills, West Bengal
Dow Hills, West Bengal
There is a road in West Bengal, which is known for haunting activities and is popular by the name of ‘Death Road’. Several visitors over the years have reported to having been chased by a headless body of what looks like a young boy. The boy then quickly disappears in the dense woods. There have been many instances of people suicides and people falling into depression after visiting the place and having seen the boy.
8. Grand Paradi Towers, Mumbai
Grand Paradi Towers, Mumbai
One of the poshest localities of Mumbai, the Grand Paradi Towers, also happens to be one of the most ill-reputed addresses. Over the years, the building has witnessed as many as 20 suicides. The spooky trend is believed to having started with the suicide of a couple who jumped from their balcony, followed the next year by their children and father jumping off from the same place. Since then, children, ladies and maid servants have been reported to fall off or jump from the windows and balconies. The reason behind this has never been found.
9. Khairatabad Science College, Hyderabad
Khairatabad Science College, Hyderabad
Just off the Khairatabad flyover, there stands an old, inconspicuous building that long ago used to be a medical college. Over the time, the building was abandoned as it fell to ruins, but the dead bodies kept in the biology lab for academic purpose were not disposed-off properly. People who pass through the area after sunset, report of having seen skeletons and the dead walking around the compound. There was even a security guard stationed there by the authorities, and he was found dead a few days later under mysterious circumstances.
10. Chandan Nagar, Pune
Chandan Nagar, Pune
Imagine you’re walking back home alone around midnight, and on a lonely stretch of the road, a little girl wearing a frock and holding a ragged doll in her hand, suddenly runs towards you, screaming at the top of her voice. That is exactly what happens to people who venture out at midnight in the tiny colony of Chandan Nagar in Pune. The story goes that the girl was actually killed in an accident at a construction site, some 10 years back. She hasn’t left the place since. People also have a tip, for anyone who really has to go there at around 12 in the night. Just carry a candy with you. If she happens to come in front of you, look her in the eyes and when she smiles- which she’s always rumored to do when you look at her- just keep the candy down and turn the other way for a minute. When you turn back again, the candy would be gone, along with the girl.
Know of any other such place, which warrants a mention in the list? Do write to us in the comment box below and we’ll give you credit for the same in the sequel.


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