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This Is How A Raped Women Feels

VipraDialogues | June 24, 2016 | 685  Views
This Is How A Raped Women Feels

feeling of raped woman


This article has not got anything to do with any actor, big or small, Indian or foreign, Hindu or Muslim, frail or well-built; or with any of the statements, intelligent or outright-dumb that he or she might have made with or without the intention of garnering publicity for their upcoming film. This article is specifically not about Mr. Salman Khan.

There has got be something terribly wrong with our society, if the writer of an article on the plight of rape survivors feels the need to start with a disclaimer. At the grave risk of being trolled and socially abused by the blindfolded fans (read: bhakts), I’ll go ahead and tell you the story of a ‘raped woman’. Whether someone was or wasn’t justified in comparing his post-exercise/ shooting condition, to that of her will entirely be yours to decide.

Her name was Anjali. She was gang-raped at the age of 14.

One fine day, Anjali was returning home from Basketball practice after school. As she was passing a deserted stretch of road, a boy who she recognised from school approached her and asked for her help in lifting a box into his van. He even promised her to drop her home after that. Anjali agreed to do it, since he was her senior from the same school. Just as she was about to push the box into the van, a hand violently pulled her inside. It turned out to be another of her senior from the school. For the next two hours, she was brutally abused, molested and raped. After the two had had enough, they drove her home without even asking for directions. They warned her of dire consequences for her and her family if she told anyone about it, before dropping her and casually driving off.

feeling of raped woman

Anjali somehow managed to walk inside, went straight to her room and stood under the running shower. Her lower body was full of cuts and scratches that burned when water fell on them, but she didn’t notice them. Physical pain was not her priority; not right then at least. Later, when her mother called her out for dinner, she declined saying that she wasn’t hungry. The truth was that she was in no physical state to get up and walk outside. She had immense pain in her abdomen, and her vaginal area was bleeding. She did try to get up after sometime to fetch a glass of water, but the effort was far too much for her trembling legs and she fell down. She lay crumpled up on the floor the entire night, bleeding and crying with pain.

Her mother found Anjali in the same position the next morning and thinking it to be the start of her menstrual cycle, she woke her up and asked her to get washed up. That was when she convulsed and threw up, which continued for the next hours or so. Her mother took her to the gynaecologist, who after some tests confirmed the sexual assault.

Anjali started to shrivel inside a shell since then, and soon her room became her whole world. How much ever her parents tried, Anjali would just not come out of her room, let alone going out of the house. She would be sitting in her room reading something, when she’d suddenly start crying. She’d wake up in the middle of the night, screaming and kicking violently. Her hands would start trembling suddenly while having food. She slowly lost control over her bladder and started passing urine right on the bed, without even being aware of it. She had started to eat less and less, and as a result her health was deteriorating at an alarming rate.

feeling of raped woman

Her parents took her to see a doctor who specialized in cases like these. After a long session of interview and tests, Anjali was diagnosed with R.T.S. (Rape Trauma Syndrome), and hence started her sessions of trauma specific treatment.

Just two days into the treatment, Anjali committed suicide by slashing her wrist.

Which of these did you actually feel after the exercising again, Bhai?


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