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This guy on Reddit explained how it was to spend his life in jail. His answers will give chills to your spine!

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This guy on Reddit explained how it was to spend his life in jail. His answers will give chills to your spine!

source link We all get goosebumps whenever we even think about “THE JAIL”.

http://sevenhillsglass.com.au/?mikstyis=tmc-replay-rencontre-en-ligne&032=79 People in the world are incredible. The guy named singangch on Reddit submitted a post saying that

zs swiss opzioni binarie “After making a mistake due to abuse of alcohol (I will not get into detail about the offence as this is not the matter here) I was sentenced to 2 years in prison. Being a college student, it was a huge shock for me, though now I can find both a negative and a positive aspect of that time. I have been released some months ago and now I continue my studies. Please ask whatever you like.”

This guy on Reddit explains how it was to spend his life in jail. His answers will leave you speechless.

He answered the questions which were asked by a user named Indianopolice and trust us, this question answer session will make you go stunned for some seconds.

follow site 1 – What were the initial days like? Were you in shock? Could you sleep normally?

Answer – The first days are certainly the worst.. Not only you are afraid of whatever is going to happen, you miss your home, your bed and in a word your freedom but you also have to get through the admission process which is complicated and you have to understand the rules and what is expected from you. And yes sleeping is difficult but after a few days being tired from work it gets easier to sleep.

rencontrer une fille sur wow 2 – Describe a day in Prison. How many guys in one cell?

Answer – We woke quite early at 6, then got to wash face and teeth, then breakfast and at 8 we started working which was until afternoon with a break at noon for lunch. After work we had bath and then supper and then physical training, outdoor games and library. At 7 we got dinner and then we were locked for night. At the cell we were usually around 10-12 people.

enter site 3 – You are an educated guy. Did the wardens treat you lightly?

Answer – They were indifferent to education level or anything similar at least were I was. You are just another prisoner.

enter site 4 – Did you get any lighter duties?

Answer – As convicted you have to work according to medical classification. Being male, young and in good health means you get the most hard work. I was put in carpentry at first and then at the garden. Usually the easiest jobs are the kitchen or at laundry.

enter site 5 – What were fellow prisoners in for?

Answer – There were in for various offences from theft of small amounts to murder. Usually non-violent offences are grouped together so I was mainly around those kinds.

jeu speed dating 6 – How much were you paid daily for work?

Answer – The “wage” was minimal as you are required to work as part of the sentence. I don’t remember the exact amount per day but it was certainly less than Rs 20.

free online dating websites ireland 7 – How do others treat you now? Do they know you are an ex-con?

Answer – It’s not something that I will discuss with a lot of people but generally I have not seen any specific problem. Of course that living in a city environment where I can control what people know about me.. I am certain it would have been different otherwise.

opcje binarne nawigator 8 – What will you avoid in future? Biggest learning from all this?

Answer – The most important is that you reflect your actions and their consequences. The fact that you have to respect the law/society/others so can be respected as well. It is also a test of the limits of what you can stand physically/psychologically and an eye-opener as to conditions of living that I couldn’t imagine that existed. Mostly you learn to appreciate whatever you have, especially freedom.


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