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The Tinder Effect: Unexpected Evils of Social Media

VipraDialogues | June 1, 2016 | 735  Views
The Tinder Effect: Unexpected Evils of Social Media

There’s a new video on YouTube that’s picking up real fast. It’s called, ‘Tinder meets parents’. Netizens are saying some really good things about the video and its characters. It’s being called different names, like trendsetter, path-breaking, etc. etc. etc. But, we’d rather you don’t watch it. No, seriously, DO NOT watch it. What’s life after all, if not lived on the edge? One has to take as many risks in life, as possible. Safe is boring.

What does this video has anyway? OK! That’s an interesting question. Let’s see, if can’t jot down the things this video offers.

  1. For the starters, it highlights the dilemma the youth of today faces of having to choose between their two lives; the one they lead with their family, and the exciting, online social life they Cherish.
  2. It gives the cheat-sheet and the telltale signs to the parents, for them to use and identify if their ward is leading a dual life.
  3. It shows the youth, the sorry figure they’ll cut if their lives ever happen to cross path.
  4. Very subtly, it teaches how to maintain a balance between the real and online lives.
  5. It’s made by people who could never get a Tinder match for themselves, so you’ll at least know what NOT to do.
  6. Being the first online sex-comedy video, it gives the perverts in you an option to watch the kinky action, whenever, wherever, however you may want.


Need any more reason? Well, it’s made by Vipra Dialogues, the digital entertainment company who brought you many chart-topping, blockbuster videos. Trust us, this one’s going there too, and soon.

But then again, who needs all these, right? Precisely why we said, DON’T WATCH IT. Live life on the edge. However, if you’re a rebel- which we’re sure you are- and you’re itching to watch it right now;

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