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Oftentimes, we fail to realize that something we’ve regarded as being truth all our lives is actually just a theory based on assumptions. Our mind has been wired such that we keep on believing that theory, till the time another one comes up to replace it. We’re human after all. We can afford to nurture such fallacies, right? Now, we all know that our planet, the Earth is round with a solid inner core and a liquid outer core. We’ve been taught that, so that’s a truth. Or, is it now?


There have been numerous claims- made by experts in the field, mind you- about the Earth actually being hollow from the inside. The list of people who either made or support this theory includes a number of physicists, astronomers, geologists, high ranking military officials, and mathematicians. The credentials of these people should be a proof in itself of its authenticity. However, every time one such claim was made the governments around the world didn’t lose any time in quashing it outright. The person who made the claim was either publicized as being a rumor-monger and conspiracy theorist, or at times, even insane. One could also find cases, where some of these people just disappeared overnight, never to be found again. In fact, Buddhists believe that the inner Earth is the abode of a specie of people they call Super Men and Women, and that they come up from time to time in order to monitor the proceedings here. They even had Lamas guarding the entrance to this inner Earth in Tibet. Hindu and Tibetan texts also mention about a place called Shambhala and/or Pataal, located inside the Earth. Mayan and other ancient cultures from around the world also mention about another world deep inside the Earth’s core.

The first of such claims, in the modern world, was made by Edmund Halley, an English astronomer and mathematician, way back in 1600s. Apparently, he was the first one to calculate the orbit of a comet, which was later named after him. Halley comet, remember? You can’t really doubt a man of his intelligence, can you now? He proposed in his publication in 1697 that Earth was a hollow shell about 500 miles thick with two concentric shells and an innermost core. The two shells, rotating at different speeds and directions, were separated by their own atmospheres and own magnetic poles. Each shell is capable of supporting life as it was bathed in light from the atmosphere filling each of the inner spaces. Interestingly, Hillary had based his theory on the value of lunar relative density given by Isaac Newton.

Leonard Euler, a Swiss mathematician and physicist, made a similar claim in the 1700s, as did Captain John Symmes of the United States Army in 1800s.

‘I declare the earth is hollow, and habitable within; containing a number of concentrick spheres, one within the other, and that it is open at the poles 12 or 16 degrees. I pledge my life in support of this truth, and am ready to explore the hollow, if the world will support and aid me in the undertaking.’ Captain John Symmes, US Army.

The most credible claim in the more modern times was made by Admiral Richard Byrd of the United States Navy, who supposedly has journeyed the hollow earth. A medal of honor recipient and one of the highest ranked officers, Admiral Byrd was the first one to fly directly over both the south and the North poles. According to his diary, he noticed an opening in the top when he was flying over the North pole and decided to go in. He witnessed lakes, rivers, green vegetation and more inside. Later, he participated in many explorations to the North pole, one of them being ‘Operation Highjump’, a US Navy sanctioned exploration led by him. What he claimed in his report later, prompted the US government to suppress and quash it immediately. He claimed to having been greeted by a flying machine. He also claimed to have interacted with the beings that lived in a place that many know as Agartha, and that they were concerned with the nuclear weapons being produced by humans and the overall effect of humanity on the planet. According to him, the North and South poles are actually two of the many openings to the center of Earth, and that they are actually convex and not concave as claimed earlier, meaning that our planes and ships would be able to float right in.


Admiral Byrd’s story was published in the American Press and National Geographic. Unsurprisingly, he was made out to be a man known to make false claims. Can you imagine, one of the highest ranked officials and a recipient of the Medal of Honor- the highest medal of valor given by the United States- being publicized as being a lair and traitor? It begs a mention here that his son, Richard Byrd Jr. who had accompanied him on his expeditions at the age of 6, was much later mysteriously found dead in an empty warehouse after being forced to live a very difficult short life.

You may also want to watch this video for yet another revelation. Admiral Byrd’s audio is available to hear right here.

The above facts emphasize that the theory of hollow earth is not entirely a product of science fiction. Not when there have been many an instances of UFOs, seen emerging out of sea and oceans. Until we actually develop a way to penetrate the inner earth, the theory of it being hollow is set to stand.


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