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Social Media Is The Cause Of Modern Day Anxiety

VipraDialogues | April 7, 2017 | 1,398  Views
Social Media Is The Cause Of Modern Day Anxiety

Eat, sleep, scroll, repeat. This is the 21st-century duality of our lifestyle; one pertains to our physical existence, and the other to social media. We are fed with an incessant flow of information. Whether we want to see the updates or not, there is a need to keep up with the online madness. It is deemed important to check out all the identical selfies posted with bizarre filters. It is somehow interesting to watch the 10 sec video of the Saturday night Sheesha party with friends. We will be damned if we don’t react on the politically charged social media rants.

Social Media Is The Cause Of Modern Day Anxiety

Always the Last One to Know

As some of us social media sloths meet an old good friend after a brief while, we find out that their lives have turned upside down. Your one of closest friends feels disappointed that you didn’t congratulate them on their achievement about which people were informed online, and somehow, you are at fault for not checking it out. Well, maybe Facebook didn’t find it important enough to flash on the timeline or maybe your expectation of receiving a call was unfair.

Performance Pressure

Peer pressure is the thing of past, doesn’t mean that it has ceased to exist. However, this new concept of ‘performance pressure’ rose up when the online world bombarded us with a number of options to SHARE. Share everything you see, eat, think, smell, dream, poop, etc. The jibes thrown at us by the social media bats and butterflies for not ‘having a life’ because we don’t frequently update a tableaux of our mundane lives is the best example of irony.

The Guilt of not Accepting

I agree that emergence of Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat has brought about immense opportunity for the young and the restless. New employment avenues opened, knowing what’s happening in which part of the world became just a click away, but the insanity to become a participant is harrowing. We come across as regressive and Amish.

These social media platforms are anxiety inducing. Same stories, appearing on each and every platform, by same people talking about nothing of substance is just cringe-worthy. We need to stay on the same page with the neo social life, preferably a page ahead, and all we can say is: Sorry, We are lost!

Social Media Is The Cause Of Modern Day Anxiety


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