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Indians heartbroken as Pakistan loses to Bangladesh

VipraDialogues | March 3, 2016 | 692  Views
Indians heartbroken as Pakistan loses to Bangladesh

“The team is growing in stature and confidence in world cricket, every day I see them play,” said a super excited Harsha Bhogle in the commentary box, after Bangladesh robbed Pakistan of the chance to play against India in the Asia Cup final.

It was a brilliant performance from the Bengal Tigers, first with the ball when they restricted Shahid Afridi led side to a paltry 129, and then with the bat. Some fierce stroke-making and intelligent cricketing decisions coupled with an astounding crowd support, abetted the B-team to pull off a breathtaking victory.

It was a riveting game of cricket and so was the reaction from the Bangladeshis, soon after Mahmudullah muscled the ball over the mid-wicket fence. Not only the 30 thousand spectators present in the stadium but it seemed as if the entire Bangladesh had erupted in unbridled joy of victory.

However, the Indian fans are sad as their wait for another Indo-Pak clash just got a little longer.


Billions had predicted and hoped for an India -Pakistan final, even before the start of the revamped tournament, but it is to be believed that Bangladesh loves playing party-pooper to India’s action plan.

After the last match, the mere sight of Mohammed Amir raises the temper of billion Indians, as he drew first blood in their ranks. Every Indian batsman is eyeing revenge, and every cricket fan is hoping that the likes of Dhawans, Sharmas and Kohlis put Mohammed Amir in his shoddy place.

If only Pakistan had played with more sense and maturity, the excitement of a second Indo-Pak contest within a week could have been withheld. But arch rivals played liked rookies, fielded like gully-cricket passionates, and bowled no-balls as if they had taken the field to force an opposition win.

Keep the anger boiling within Team India, hit them at full throttle later this month at Dharmshala and bite the skin off of them.


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