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Here Are 10 Ways You Can Fight Depression & Negativity

VipraDialogues | June 22, 2016 | 684  Views
Here Are 10 Ways You Can Fight Depression & Negativity

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Frustrated with your current situation? Everything you do to improve it, seems to bounce back on your face? Feel like the whole world has united against you? Have been deceived more times than you can count? Everyone you trust, ends up stabbing you in the back? Are you all alone, fighting the big, bad, cruel world? Congratulations; you’re human and alive.

Do you think you’re the only one in this situation right now? No, you’re not. The human population currently stands at around 7.5 billion. If one were to refer and integrate the three irrefutable laws namely, law of limiting factor, law of humanity, and the law of assumption; it could be safely derived that at any given point of time, 49% of the total population is under duress. You still might not be in majority, but you’re definitely not alone amigo; there are 3.6 billion others just like you.

Now, don’t get me wrong. I’m not trying to start an International Losers United Club or something. All I’m saying is that there are others who are in similar situations and surviving. If they can, so can you. Haven’t you heard; no lock has ever been made without a key? Don’t lose heart, for there’s always hope.

Still, no? OK, let’s try doing a few things. O’ come on. Be a sport. You’re already down in dumps, aren’t you? What’s worse that could happen? What do you have to lose, right? Start, shall we then?

1. Look downer:

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However much down you might feel, there are thousands out there who still are below you. Go and meet them. An old age home, an Orphan house, or even a hospital or Chronic care home for that matter; they’re all excellent places to go.

2. Love yourself

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You are after all, your forever companion. What reason do you then need to pamper yourself? Go and buy that expensive phone you’ve always wanted but have been putting off. Have a relaxing massage. Treat yourself to the best restaurant in town. Love yourself.

3. Dance Yoga

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Enroll in a dance or a Yoga class. Sometimes, physical exertion is what it takes for the mental relaxation. Sweat it all out.

4. Rekindle

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Remember that special friend you had back in school, and with whom you’ve lost all contact now? Search him/ her up, and shoot an email right away. Better still, call them up and fix up to meet.

5. Hobby time

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Pick up a hobby. Any random activity will do, but it should be something you’d love to do. Gardening, painting, writing, playing a musical instrument; it could be anything.

6. Sleep it away

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Make it your aim to sleep for a minimum of eight hours, each night. Remember, there’s pretty little that a good laugh and a long sleep cannot cure.

7. Mantra-fy yourself

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Devise a boosting punch-line, and make it your life’s mantra. Write that line everywhere, so that you come across it at least 10 times in a day. For example, ‘Today is the 1st day of the rest of my life’, is what I use. Make your own, and make sure it’s relatable.

8. Nature Calling

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We are but a part of nature; and what better way to recharge than going back to the roots. Go in the midst of nature. A beach, a village, a hill-station; anything will do. Once there, make sure your cellphone is off, your laptop is not perched up on your shoulder, and that you’re not wearing a watch. Go native.

9. Get-a-pet

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A pet, especially a dog, can do wonders for your confidence. It works like magic, in rekindling that lost feeling of love and compassion in you.

10. Meditate

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As clichéd as it may sound, meditating is the best way to channelize yourself, filter out the bad thoughts, and germinate good, positive mindset.

Please note that each of the activities mentioned above is known to have worked for someone or the other. However, since no two human beings are exactly alike, there can be no one-size-fits-all remedy. I encourage you to try these diligently for a while. But, if after some time you still feel in dumps, seek professional help.


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